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Starting a Movie Website: Write Consistently

Now that your movie website is online and working properly, the biggest task is now ahead of you: writing consistently. Writing every single day, getting into a cycle or a repetitious rhythm is easy on paper, reading about it. Doing it is another matter. Writing consistently will make or break a movie website. Having a pretty, well indexed movie website is great but being popular because you constantly update your movie website is much better for a myriad of reasons. There are many unattractive movie websites online which are popular because they update their home page multiple times a day. Looks do not matter for a movie website’s audience, consistency does.

What It Takes

Writing posts takes time, spell checking takes time. Editing pictures for your posts takes time. Running a successfully movie website is time consuming. Sweat Equity is a big investment so make sure: a.) your return is worth it, b.) you are ready for the demands of the writing it will take on your part to keep your movie website alive.

The Mechanics

We have already written extensively about how important it is to write movie content consistently and where to find movie content to write about (rather than printing the same information twice, we have provided links to those posts).


A great way to stay ahead of the curve is to write posts in advance and set them to automatically post throughout the week. WordPress has a nifty option near the Publish option called Publish Date. Choose the date you want your post to appear once you have finished writing it, set the date, and press Publish. On that date and time you specified, the post will automatically be published by WordPress.


Having other people that write for your movie website takes a huge burden off of your back and frees you to conduct administrative duties. Having the right people is key though, people that actually do what they say they will do and perform as their obligation dictates.

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