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Movie Content: Consistency

Update, update, update. Some of the leading movie websites on the internet: SlashFilm, Aintitcool, JoBlo, et cetera update their website every single day without fail. Do not leave your movie website un-updated, not even for a day. It will happen but you should strive for it not to happen. If you want a consistent viewership i.e. repeat and unique page views, your movie website needs to be updated every day. Not only will it make your viewership happy and coming back for more, Google likes it as well. Updating your movie website regularly will increase your page rank which will increase where your posts appear on  SERPs. Make sure the content you write is specific to the theme of your website. If you are all over the place, it will not matter how consistently you write or have someone write for you.


Updating your movie website consistently is the difference between a website that gets 500 unique visitors a day versus 500,000 uniques visitors a day. This also has to do with presentation, SEO, and other factors but we will get to that. Advertisers also look at consistency. If your movie website has not been updated in two weeks, they may believe no one is at home, no cares (especially the people running the website), your lazy or uncommitted. All of these factors will lead them not  advertising on your website and why should they. If your movie website is just a hobby to you and not a business that you take seriously, they will not bestow their business on you. Making money with your movie website helps you keep the lights on. Consistency and updating your movie website is a step in that direction.

Set a schedule, a time when you can post every single day, and stick to it. Consistency will turn into routine and routine will turn into normalcy.

Next we will discuss Finding Movie Content to Write About.

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