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Movie Content: Finding Movie Content to Write about

Now that you know to write movie content consistently, where do you find the niche content to fuel the epiphany. Lucky for you, there is a plethora, many of which over-lap. Below you will find movie content sources that will help you in your ever evolving quest to satisfy the needs of your movie website audience.

Other Movie Websites / Online Film Magazines

If there is one quick source for finding movie content it is other movie websites. Their information resources (e.g. movie PR Firms, tipsters, etc), especially if they are a well established website, are probably well in excess of your own. They may also have more writers than your movie website has which potentially means they post more stories per day than you do.

Movie Public Relations Firms

They well send you zipped movie stills, movie trailers, and movie information to your inbox for free once you are on their mailing lists.


Yahoo gets exclusive movie trailers and movie clips every now and then.

Yahoo website

Daily Variety

This is one of the most read movie trade magazines by Hollywood.

Daily Variety website

Order Daily Variety Magazine

The Hollywoood Reporter

Another movie industry trade magazine.

The Hollywood Reporter website

Order The Hollywood Reporter

Entertainment Weekly

A more commercial magazine about the entertainment industry, both television and film. They get exclusives but are not as up-to-date as online film magazines.

Entertainment Weekly website

Order Entertainment Weekly

Film Festivals

A great source to seeing films early, before they are released in limited or full theatrical runs. You are able to write your movie reviews before others and get them online before them. This helps with your movie reviews page rank and its SERPs. When someone runs a serach for that movie review, yours will be one of the only ones available online which means you will be getting a lot of traffic if your website is ranked well to begin with. If not, you will still get more traffic than usual.

And most importantly…You

Your opinions, your voice is what people want to hear. It might not be why they came to your website but it is why they will stay. You need only look to Perez Hilton or Harry Knowles for proof of this. Start a series. One of the early ones I started was called TV Shows that Deserved Better. This is an excellent way to find your voice. If you find someone else’s writing or writing style you like, that is a good thing but be careful. Do not copy someone else’s style unless your augmenting it and creating something brand new.

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