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Using SEO optimized Images in your Posts to Increase Pageviews

A picture is worth a thousand words is an old, popular phrase but within your post a picture is worth a few other things as well. Pictures –  whether on-set, behind-the-scenes, celebrity, exclusives images, regular photos, movie posters, fan art – are a major, visual draw that many movie bloggers do not exploit or exploit fully. Here’s what they do not realize: For every picture your post contains, your potential pageviews increases by one. This happens because each picture is contained on its own page.

I have posted two images below to illustrate this point and a few unrevealed ones as well.

Resident Evil: Afterlife Milla Jovovich Movie PosterRosie Huntington-Whiteley Life Magazine Party

See how each one of the images has its own page and chances are you clicked on one of those pictures to see it in a larger size.

I constantly see movie bloggers posting one picture from a set of available pictures then sending their article reader to another site to see the rest of the picture set. Not only is that movie blogger missing out on potential pageviews, they are sending traffic away from their site to another site they have no affiliation with and which they do not own. Hello? Hello?…Think McFly, think. – Biff.

Keep your site visitors on your website and engaged at all times. Have them click to see the pictures on your website, not on someone else’s. Posting pictures does lengthen the prep time to writing and preparing your posts but the end result is worth it. A post that contains pictures has a lower bounce rate than other posts. People stay longer with that post and click the pictures to: see larger versions of the pics, save them to their desktop or copy their address for linking purposes. For any of these reasons, you win. You win in pageviews. This is why popular picture and celebrity websites are such pageview goldmines.

The big movies sites do it, so should you. Even if you find the practice tedious, and depending on how many pictures you are dealing with, it can be but your post and your pageviews for that day, month, and year will benefit.

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