Film Public Relations (PR) Firms

Paying your Dues with Film (PR) Firms

A Film Public Relation (PR) Firm is not just a business. Think of a Movie PR Firm like a fraternity and like any fraternity, you have to pay your dues to prove that you truly want to be a part of something bigger than yourself. I spoke about receiving screeners and how to contact film public relations (pr) firms previously but outside of the realm of movie screeners, lets talk about bridge building and creating a sense of reliability between your movie website and their film pr firm.

Promoting the PR Swag Bag

In this case it means giving on your part, both with posts and time, to promote some of the materials a film pr firm sends you in your email inbox. Half the time you are being given a heads up by what they send you on movie news and materials you would normally not know about (or have access to) so post that stuff (*key: and email them back with your coverage on it). That way you both win.

A Means to an End

If the film PR firm is sending you movie related information you would not necessarily cover but the firm gets review copies of great films (on DVD and Blu-ray) that you want to review on your movie website (and later own), you may have to bite the bullet for some time and build that steady relationship through sacrifice just to gain access to that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Friends with Benefits

Friend-with-benefits do not grow on trees, they must be cultivated and nurtured before they bare the fruit you desire. Like any relationship you have to listen to your friends’ needs and fulfill them in a satisfactory way. It is the same with a film pr firm. Listen, provide, and anticipate, perhaps for a long time. Then lay back. If you’ve done your job right it will eventually be your turn to receive what you desire.

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