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7 Movie Trailer Resources

Running a successful movie website means posting movie trailers. There is no way around and it should not be circumvented even if it could be. Movie trailers are “visual” entertainment for your website visitors and by including them, your entertaining your audience in three ways: textually, audibly, and visually. There is also Fred R. Barnard’s famous quote: “a picture is worth a thousand words” and with a movie trailer, its presentation is worth a million. They are walking, talking billboards for upcoming movies and below you will find 7 websites that post, host or give information on the last movie trailers on the internet for you to embed and post on your movie website.



Great for finding Movie Trailers quickly, especially ones that are not supposed to be online yet (leaks and bootlegs). The problem with YouTube Movie Trailers is that some of them are pulled or the person that submitted them is sanctioned somehow. Your Movie Trailer post will then have no Movie Tailer and you will have to edit and re-add the Movie Trailer from a different source.


Great for finding everywhere a movie trailer is posted so if one goes down, you have other sources for it.


If you need a movie trailer, clip, or featurette in flash and high definition, this movie trailer website is your starting point.  This website seems here to stay so your embedded trailers are almost assured a 100% uptime.


Movie Trailers in High Definition Quicktime format are the cream of the crop presentation wise. The downside is that they do not offer an embed option. Other websites, like TrailerAddict, download the trailers and convert them to flash. Apple is good to point your movie website viewers to if you want them to see a trailer in the best presentation possible.


Much like TrailerAddict with flash-based trailers and some exclusives, these movie trailers can be embedded as well.

MySpace TrailerPark

Movie Studios start myspace webpages to advertise their films and some post high definition trailers for them there. Sometimes they just post their movie trailer on myspace. TrailerPark houses them all in one convenient place and they are embeddable.

Movie PR Firms

Some movie PR Firms will send you zipped copies of movie trailers to post on your website. This is a good option because you are not advertising another website for free as you do with YouTube, TrailerAddict, and Yahoo! movie trailer embeds. Others Movie PR Firms will point you to the YouTube page where the movie trailer has been posted.

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