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How to Make Money with a Movie Website

*Update: Making Money with a Movie Website in 2018

Making Money with a Movie Website, proper website monetization, is not as easy as it sounds. Many think sticking a couple of ads on their site does the trick. That is not the case. I made that mistake in the beginning. Competition is high. Internet money making is hard but the powers that be have streamlined the process…somewhat.

It all comes down to what you are advertising, is it appropriate for the audience of your website? If the answer is no, you should take down those ads immediately. They are wasting valuable space and your click/conversion rate will be very small if you get any at all. The type of ads you show should be focused on the type of website you have. Since we are talking about movie websites, duh, your ads should be movie-centric and movie related.

Lucky there are many methods to make money with a movie website.

The No-Brainer Way

There are two easy methods of making money that over 90% of movie websites use that take almost no thought at all: Google AdSense and Yahoo Publishers Network. You place their code in your site, which come in various ad sizes and the ads generate themselves using the keywords and the tags from your posts. Placing ads on your website (300×250, 486×60, 160×800, etc.) doesn’t get much easier than that.

Putting Thought into It

Choosing which ads to display, signing up for affiliate program is tedious but is necessary. Do yourself a favor and sign up for a Tax ID Number (EIN) with the IRS first. Some affiliate programs ask you for your social security number or tax number. Giving them a tax number is far smarter than giving out your social security number. There isn’t much someone can do with that identity theft-wise.

Always keep in mind: What would I click if I were visiting a movie website, what would I click? You know that people that visit a movie website rent movies (NetFlix, Blockbuster), buy movies (Amazon, HKFlix), movie tickets (Fandango), movie posters (AllPosters) and movie equipment (Amazon) so these are a few of the things, the mind set, you should have. These are the things you should be advertising on your movie website. When advertising opportunities come your way, even if it is selling a text link (a good money maker if you have the page views and leverage it properly) on your website, your best bet are movie-centric opportunities. Also, if there is a special or a sale doing on (Amazon does this all the time), advertise that to visitors. They might reward you by clicking through your link and making a purchase.

Think Outside of the Box

Do you or an affiliate have a movie-related e-Product to sell. Try selling or linking to that project on your movie website. E-Products or E-Goods (Electronic Goods), like “How to” Guides, are a great information sources and could be a great source of revenue. Just remember, movie-centric e-Products.

Miscellaneous Opportunities

Once you have the website traffic and the twitter followers, many other advertising options open up to you. Four of those opportunities include Sponsored Tweets, Blogads, IndieClick, and GorillaNation.

Ad Placement

Above the fold, above the fold, above the fold. Placing your ads above the fold of your website will generally garner them higher clicks. These words have been drilled into my head and you should bore them into your own. Since your posts are the most heavily viewed feature on your website, advertising within your posts is key to making money. Integrate them and cloak them as cleverly as possible. If you are using Google or Yahoo text ads, match the color and font to the color and font that you use in your posts.

Make an Advertise Page

Selling ad space on your website is also a way of making money. This is a much harder method that a new movie website can’t use because it requires page rank and good traffic to the home page. Whether you have the traffic or not, be prudent and make an Advertise page (an example). You never know who will come upon and browse our website. If they are a potential advertiser, let them know that they can advertise on your website, what the terms are, payment methods, how to contact you, and your monthly traffic levels (page views and unique page views).  They can find out this information easily through Alexa and Quantcast anyway so be prudent and just tell them. Being up front with your traffic levels shows that you have nothing to hide and on the contrary, have something to be proud of that should be lauded to the world.

These were just a few of ways you can make money with a movie website. For the Full List, click Here.

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