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How to Become Recognized as a Film Critic: eFilmcritic

Efilmcritic is film review website through which a person that writes movie reviews can become a recognized film critic. eFilmcritic allows skilled film reviewers (who have or have not ever published a movie review online, in a newspaper or magazine) to become part of its cadre of film critics and those broadcast their film reviews to a much larger audience. I have spoken earlier about Rotten Tomatoes here: Rotten Tomatoes, Your Movie Reviews, Recognition, and Website Traffic. Efilmcritic has its own Rotten Tomatoes page where all of the film critics that write for them are listed.

eFilmcriticEach film critic has his or her own sub-page on Rotten Tomatoes where all the reviews they have had published through eFilmcritic are listed. These Rotten Tomatoes sub-pages also contain all the other websites these film critics write for and publish on. By publishing movie reviews on eFilmCritic, you become a publishing film critic on Rotten Tomates by default.

EFilmCritic also sends a select few and qualified to “film festivals and on press junkets and to media screenings”. If you are an aspiring film critic (and like ancillary benefits as well), eFilmcritic may be a step in the right direction but that path is not open to everyone.

The following is the admittance criteria for eFilmcritic:

So if you would like to become a reviewer for us…we need you to prove yourself first. In order to best gauge your critiquing ability, we’d like you to write two reviews — one positive and one negative.

1. Write your reviews. No, don’t write them in the boxes below, write them in Word or Notepad or some sort of word processing program, then spell-check them, grammar-check them, read them over a few times and be sure that they represent your best work. If we find spelling errors, spoilers, or we’re totally bored by the reviews, we’ll probably reject the submission.

2. When you’re done writing (and rewriting) your reviews, cut ‘n paste them into the boxes below, fill in your details and send off your application.

3. We’ll review the application and your submitted reviews, and if you impress us as an able addition to our fine stable, you’ll get your account details emailed to you within a week or so (give or take a few days). If you didn’t impress us, on the other hand, we’ll probably not bother letting you know. Rejection tends to somewhat annoy people.

Once you are an official “reviewer” you will have access to our “members only” section, which allows you to review at will, have access to our reviewer’s message board and keep a personal profile on the site. The reviews you submit will be seen on both Hollywood Bitchslap and the Australia-specific eFilmCritic website, as well as other location specific sites that are still in the planning stages.

Let your personality shine through and, all things considered, maybe you’ll be a movie critic in a week or so.

What’s your real name?

What’s your preferred email address?

What’s the title of the movie you’re reviewing?

One Positive Review, One Negative Review

What username (nickname) would you like to review under?
(We recommend using your real name.)

Enter a statement about how cool you think we are.

This is where you can apply to become an eFilmcritic. Remember, if you do not hear anything from them in a few weeks try, try again with different film reviews. You may also want to peruse these two articles before proceeding: 7 Movie Review Writing Mistakes a Film Critic Should Avoid and How to Write a Movie Review.

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