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Back in February 2008, I read an article about blogging and deriving an income from it while you do it. Since I loved movies I said what the hell. I was tired of shopping my wears to other movie sites and getting nothing in return. I started my own film website within ten days, a site where I could post my film reviews and whatever movie news I wanted with no oversight. Since then I have learned a lot about movie blogging but had no outlet for all that I had learned until now. When I started my first film website, I had to read “How To” sites to gleam the knowledge I needed. There where plenty of sites on how to make, maintain, and grow a weblog on this subject and that but none specifically geared toward movies. ProMovieBlogger is that website.

Why ProMovieBlooger?

This site is dedicated to helping movie website enthusiasts start a website with ease, avoiding as many missteps and mistakes as possible while sharing tips and insights into this entertainment news medium.

I started ProMovieBlogger in January of 2010. I had already written news and/or reviews for three other movie websites, not including my own.  With ProMovieBlogger, the idea was to write and place online as many informative articles, tips, tutorials, and case studies for the movie website field as possible.

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