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5 Reasons Why Movie Reviews are Important to a Movie Website

Movie reviews are of paramount importance, content-wise, for a movie website. Movie reviews should be a movie website’s content foundation upon which all other content is built upon and around. If there is one thing that you should do consistently, it is reviewing in-theater movies. Movie reviews should be your Number One Priority for your movie website. Everything else is secondary to that.

They show that your movie website is current

Movie reviews keep your movie website current and your viewers happy. Since current movie reviews are the most actively searched for movie reviews, being current on them is a must if you want your website to be relevant in movie website universe.


I have been on plenty of movie websites where the only content is movie reviews, page after page of them. And these movie websites have high page views and have page ranks of 4-6. They only post movie reviews, are spidered heavily, and have high SERPs because of it. What does all this mean to you? Movie reviews are a valuable asset to a movie website.

You are watching the movie industry’s work and critiquing it

If you are not reviewing movies, how can you prove that you are watching movies? Why would a movie studio bother to send you a movie screener for one of their movies if your are not prolific when it comes to writing movie reviews? Writing movie reviews and not simply posting movie pictures or movie trailers on your movie website, shows that you have your priorities in order.

Practice makes perfect

A critical, well spoken literary eye is a rarity amongst movie reviewers. Anyone can write a movie review, but how many can write a compelling review like Roger Ebert? Writing consistently helps you hone your writing skills and if you love movies, you’ll do even more writing than usual. You may not see it immediately but this will help you when it comes to writing more lofty endeavors.

They let people know that you: 1) have something to say, 2.) can write cogent essays.

No matter what people say, movie reviews are short essays, at least the well-thought out ones are. The writer researches them, speaks of the past and present within their borders, and tries to put into words what the director is saying with celluloid. A movie review says that you have an opinion on a film (the one you are reviewing) and enough drive to put pen to paper and write down that opinion and edit it for others to read.

If you do not know the mechanics, here is How to Write a Movie Review.

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