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When is the Right Time to Post a Movie Review?

Learning how to write a movie review and strategies involved in proliferating it are your starting point for writing a movie review. Once you are done, the question remains: When is the right time to post the movie review?

The weekend the movie premieres is usually the best time to post a movie review.

The premiere weekend is the best time to post a review for an in-theater movie because the most people will be searching for opinions on that film at that time. People are ready to discuss and debate what they have just seen in the movie theater.

Unfortunately for the small movie website, because of all the competition for the search engine terms associated with a movie review, your review will see little traffic. Your review could be as many as fifteen to fifty pages back from the first page results. How many people do you know go fifty pages back in search results to find something? Very few. The bigger movie websites with the higher page rank will get the search engine juice.

Do not lose heart though. Here are a few movie posting methodologies I have found useful for the small, start-up movie website and for the more established ones as well.

Front page movie reviews the weekend of release

Having the movie review on your front page the weekend a movie is being released wide is a good way to get comments and page views for your movie review. Your visitors want their information quickly, they do not want to have to go search for it and you should not want them to. That could lead to frustration and them leaving your website. You want people to come to your movie website the weekend a movie is released, see the movie review, and leave their thoughts on it. You want them to banter with other commenters and have a conversation in your comment section.

See the movie early, post your movie review early

If you are able to get to see the film earlier at a film festival or find a friendly Film PR Firm that sends you a movie screener, type up your movie review for it and get it online and spidered asap. If you are lucky, with your head start, you might get some search engine traffic from your posting. One of your site visitors might even post your movie review in a applicable forum (There is a movie review up for the film already!), delivering traffic to your door as well. By the way, nobody cares which film festival you see the movie in so do not put that in the title of your movie review. If you wanted to read a movie review for The Dark Knight, would you type into Google: Cannes Film Festival The Dark Knight Movie Review or The Dark Knight Movie Review?

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