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The 5-11-4 Rule for Posting Content on a Website

When is the perfect time to post content on your movie website? At what time during the day? That is a question every website owner will eventually ask him or herself. There is no real meter or gauge as to when this time is. Because of this, a good start point is to look at human nature and at what a person with a job, high schooler, and college student normally does throughout their day. This is the baseline for the 5-11-4 Rule. The 5-11-4 Rule is all about timing your posts and training your website audience.  The 5-11-4 Rule slowly turns your website visitors into habitual web visitors by posting website content consistently. The 5-11-4 Rule stipulates three times at or around when a website owner should post new content to their film website.

5 AM

Post new content early in the AM so that when people wake up and check the web for new movie content and articles,  they find some on your website. This helps make visiting your site in the morning a habit, something you as a website owner want.

Charlize Theron, Skirt, Legs, Cleavage11AM

Having new articles posted before people go on break for lunch is an advantageous move. Many people go on the Internet to check their email on their lunch break and some check for new content on their favorite website while they eat at their desk, laptop, or on their PDA.


When people get off of work, sit down, and relax, some spend their leisure time in front of a computer monitor or a laptop. As they go on the web to search out the latest breaking movie news, your site will have some of it.

Site visitors will come to realize that at this and the above times you always have new content posted. This can potentially turn a one-time-a-day visitor into a three time a day visitor.

One way to effectively use the 5-11-4 Rule is to write articles in advance and set them to automatically post throughout the day. Ex. write three articles at 4 AM (or the day before) and set them to automatically post by using the Edit button above the Publish button on the Edit Post screen within WordPress. Set one article to post on 5 AM, the next to post on 11 AM, and the final one to post at 4 PM. Yes, that means you will have to write three articles a day but if you are serious about your site, especially a movie website, this will be no problem. You have to train yourself to do this and to follow the 5-11-4 rule. This works for those with a full time job that run a movie website on the side and the hardcore website owner as well.

Will you try following the 5-11-4 Rule?

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