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Starting a Movie Website: Choosing and Registering a Domain Name

Choosing a domain name and registering a domain name may seem like exhaustive tasks but they really are not. Choosing the name for your movie website, any website, can be fun. Its a brainstorming process that has to happen, one everyone has to go through that wants to start a movie website.

Make a Domain Name List

I suggest making a list of possible website titles then use the process of elimination to arrive at a website title that you are satisfied with and one that excites you (not in that way, lol). I would suggest something cool, memorable, a name that you can brand and market. What website name do you want on your business card, your T-Shirt or adorning your resume. These may seem like trivialities now but they will not when you decided you want to make money with your movie website as well as share your opinions on the film industry with the world. They also will not when you decide to advertise your movie website across the internet.

Placing the main idea of your movie website in the domain name i.e. Movie, Film, Cinema somewhere in that domain name may help with your website’s SEO and its position on SERPs but it is not a necessity. AintitCool and JoBlo don’t have them anywhere in their titles and they are top-tier movie websites.

Register Your Domain Name

Once you have chosen your website title, presumably you want that to be your website’s domain name as well (a logical and wise decision), you have to register that domain name with a domain name registrar such as GoDaddy or Netfirms.

These services make it quick and simple to get a domain name registered. Registering with them will take 6 or 7 minutes. First you have to see if the domain name you want is available. If it is, click the buy (register) option and move forward in the purchasing process. If the domain name has already been taken, then you need to either select one of the alternatives Netfirms or GoDaddy will offer you or refer to that brainstorming list you made earlier and select your second choice. Also, have your credit card handy as registering a domain name is not free.

Private Registration

Towards the end of your purchasing process you will be asked if you wish to have private registration for your domain name. By choosing a private registration, your name, email address, etc. will be protected from anyone searching for info on your site. This can be of great benefit when it comes to diverting unwanted solicitations and spam emails. Basically no one will know you registered the site and own it unless you tell them. You will have a high degree of anonymity. I personally have not opted for private registration  for the simple reason that it costs a little more than the normal registration. I  should though because I have received some spam in my inbox.

Next week will see the publishing of the third part of this series.

In the mean time – a question for discussion:

  • Do you have any website naming/domain registering horror stories?

Please feel free to share those stories below.

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