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Starting a Movie Website (Blogger Edition): Domain Name, Online Steps

Now that you have decided to Start a Movie Website with Blogger, you need to choose a domain name for it and get your Blogger movie website up and running. Before you even go to Blogger you should get a piece paper, a pen, and brainstorm possible titles for your movie blog. This will be your stamp, your brand, possibly for a long time. Choose wisely. I spoke about that in these posts: Starting a Movie Website: Choosing and Registering a Domain Name and Starting a Movie Website: Logo and Branding. In addition to that, I would choose a domain name with a your central Keyword phrase. Keyword-ladened domain names help you rank for those keywords in search engines. Some search engines rank a site more advantageously for “exact match keywords domains” e.g. if movies or films or movie trailers or film reviews, etc are the central focus of your movie website and they are part of your domain name. From Website Optimization: Speed, Search Engine & Conversion Rate Secrets by Andrew B. King, written about here: A Professional Web Designer’s thoughts on Websites, SEO, SERP, HTML, and Search Engines:

bake your keywords directly into your domain name. By incorporating your keyphrase into your domain name, you can guarantee that inbound links will contain your primary keyphrase, and make it more likely that the link text will contain your primary keyphrase…Avoid very long domain names containing keywords, however, because these make your listing look bad, and make it difficult to type. Ideally, acquire “your primary keyphrase dot com” (e.g.,

As you will see later in this post, I choose Movie Exempli Gratia for the name of my example Blogger movie website.

Step 1

Go to You will be prompted to either log in or create a Google Account.

Blogger Sign Up Screen Shot

Step 2

After your done with that, its time time to name your blog. Like I said before, I choose Movie Exempli Gratia for use in this series. Once you’ve chosen and typed in what you want for your site’s URL (Note: the drawback to using a free blogging service like Blogger is that they brand part of the URL with their name, in this case .blogspot and the Favicon for your website is an orange B), the automatic system will check to see if that URL is available. If it is, enter in the Captcha and click Continue. If it isn’t you will have to pic another URL.


Once that is done you’ve succeeded. You’ve created your first movie website. Take a gander: Movie Exempli Gratia

Blogger, Your Blog has been Created screen shot

Step 3

Now its time to choose a theme for your Blogger movie website. Blogger immediately offers you many stock themes for your newly created movie blog.

Blogger, Choose a Starter Template Screenshot

You are also given the option of uploading a theme from your hard drive in your Blogger dashboard. Once you have chosen or uploaded a theme, it is time to start posting.

In Conclusion

As you can see, it is very easy to start a movie website with Blogger. It takes about 8 minutes if you already have a Google Account and have pre-brainstormed possible domain names to use on Blogger.

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