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Start a Movie Website (Blogger Edition): Content Presentation, Increased Pageviews

Once you’ve started your Blogger movie website, chosen its domain name, online steps have been followed, and you write consistently for it, its time to present that material in a compelling way. This will help keep your website visitors on your site for as long as possible (reducing its bounce rate) while garnering the attention of search engines by using search engine optimization (SEO). With Blogger there are limitations: you can’t have your site encoded by a website professional though you can have a theme built for the Blogger platform. If you have Blogger theme built, you can specifically ask for certain sections to be created in the theme geared toward site visitor retention. Regardless if you have one built, pay for a pre-built theme or use a free one, you want to present professionalism and a high-quality looking website to site visitors at all times. Content is still king but why not style it and fix it up so that it is as beautiful, eye-catching, enticing, and retentive as possible?

Sara Ziff, Picture Me

Sara Ziff, Picture Me

Here are some ways to ensure that is the case.

The Font

Use a black font for the words in your post. This shows up best on the web, is the most common, and is the most easily read by site visitors. Don’t worry, your font is black by default in Blogger.

Related Posts

No matter the Blogger theme you choose to use, you will most-likely be able to use some related post gadget or be able to implant a related posts java script of some kind. Two such script choices are LinkWithin and nRelate, written about here: LinkWithin and nRelate: Related Posts Comparative Analysis. Once you have chosen which related posts code to use, locate the script as close to the bottom of your post content as possible. This immediately gives your post readers somewhere else to go after they finish reading your post, something else related to the post that they might be interested in. If you wish to uses the media thumbnails generated by Blogger for each post, read this post: Related Posts Widget for Blogger with Thumbnails.

A word of caution: Using a related post gadget or script of the main index (the home page and its subsequent pages) will cause that page to load slower than it normally would. This happens because the code will have to load related posts for each post in your main index. Here is an example:

One more thing, do not have anything between the bottom of your post and the related posts plugin. Send your reader right into your other content using the gadget or script as that launch pad. Show it to them right after they are done reading your post. Place your social bookmarking gadget, your ads, etc. after your related posts or somewhere else.

Social Media

Have Twitter, Facebook, RSS, and other social media buttons present in your posts and on your site so people can access your information, get updates on it, and share it with their friends and followers.

Blogger Dashboard, Design Tab

Blogger Dashboard, Design Tab

In your dashboard under Design, then Add A Gadget, then Featured is the gadget entitled Share It. There are other gadgets and services beyond Twitter and Facebook for sharing your posts as well under Add a Gadget. Here is a another way to implement a Facebook Like / Recommend Button in Blogger. I would suggest implementing any buttons you choose to use into the code of your pages manually. The more plugins you use on a page in WordPress, the slower that page will load. I am not sure how loading a gadget effects the load time of a Blogger page. Twitter button code can be found here and a Facebook button code can be found here.

The Sidebars

You will find some useful info about keeping readers hungry and coming back for more with your sidebar content in this post: How to Set Up a Movie Website Sidebar: For Content.

Recent Posts

I would suggest showing your website’s recent posts somewhere on one of your site’s sidebars. It lets people that are not on the front page of your site see that you have newly posted articles. Use a recent posts gadget or script with pictures: visuals with words get a higher response (clicks i.e. pageviews) than words alone. There are multiple Recent Posts gadgets in Blogger. In your dashboard under Design, then click Add a Gadget to the right side of the Blog Posts box. After that,  type Recent into the search box. The results will show the Recent Posts and Recent Posts gadgets. There are other gadgets for Recent Posts for your posts as well under Add a Gadget.

Popular Posts

You might want to try displaying popular posts on your sidebar but it is not a necessity. Starting out, you will probably have little to no popular posts. To add a popular posts gadget, click Add a Gadget on the right of the Blog Posts box (You don’t have to add the gadget there. You can add it anywhere you please). Under Basics you will see Popular Posts.

The Date

Use a theme that shows the date somewhere when the post was published on the home page of your site. If you are updating your site every day, this is a nice feature to have for your posts, especially in your main index.

Increased Pageviews by Other Means

Here are 5 Steps to Get Your Movie Website Indexed by Search Engines and tutorial on Using SEO optimized Images in your Posts to Increase Pageviews and 5 Ways to Optimize Images for Increased Pageviews and SEO.

In Conclusion

As you can see, content presentation for its own sake, for increased pageviews, and SEO can be visually attractive and achieved easily through a myriad of different ways. It can also be made easy through the information found in this post: Movie Review Writing Strategies.

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