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Dealing with and its employees was the most disagreeable business experience I have ever had to endure to, almost eclipsing the bad business practices perpetrated by web hosting company Bluefur. Bluefur’s employees told outright lies to obtain more money from a webmaster. employed the use of static to fleece. Reelkandi and its employees actually believed that the silent treatment would work on a publisher of their video player. They believed that publishers would “get the hint” about the money they were owed and eventually stop contacting them for it. They believed that few, if any, had the resources to sue them for the money they were owed. They were correct on the last part. Smaller webmasters do not have the capital to retain a lawyer or the funds to bankroll litigation.

I was one of those video player publishers.

I wasn’t the only one though.

Hands Raised The Breakfast Club

Hands Raised The Breakfast Club

Other Claims against

This video player publisher review and other published articles about have brought the disgruntled out of the wood-work. These people asked not to be mentioned by name but what I can tell you is that they consist of two alleged former video player publishers and one alleged former employee of The two publishers still believe they might obtain the funds they are owed from Reelkandi, hence their desire not to be identified or to have their words printed.

The alleged former employee is different. He or she said:

“You´re not the only person to have suffered from the unjust and down right dirty hands of Mr.Andi Super. The entire RK company is a scam. I know, I was their employer for 18 months, and they left me with a 6.5k hole in my bank account.”

One of the former publishers felt similarly, having made a deal for longer than I did to host the video player on their website, resulting in being owed even more money than I.  I was fortunate. I only tried out for a month. Other publishers were far more trusting and had that trust thrown back in their faces.

Some of those former publishers and employees are suing

Jon Hawkins, founder of online social network Stage Status, is currently in financial dispute with Theatre 247 Limited.

He claims that he is owed £1,000 for advertising the theatre and entertainment news player on his website for several months this year, but Theatre 247 Limited insists the sum is much lower.

Neil Oseman, who has worked for Theatre 247 Limited as a freelance camera operator and editor, says he is owed almost £1,700, plus interest, for work he did more than four years ago for which he has not been paid.

Oseman says a payment plan was arranged with Theatre 247 Limited, but a number of instalments were never paid, which forced him to terminate the contract and request the outstanding sum upfront, which he has still not received.

Another freelance worker, who asked not to be named, claims to be owed around £5,000 for work carried out over a four-month period earlier this year.

Both said they have now taken legal action against Theatre 247 Limited.

Whether these lawsuits get resolved or not, they are still occurring.’s Publisher Management’s publisher management was good during the initial contact phase and during contract negotiations.’s publisher management was abysmal and non-existent when payment on the contract was due by Reelkandi for services rendered by one of its publisher. attempted to change the terms of the contract after the first pay period had come and gone then proceeded to ignore payment requests.’s Contract Fulfillment never fulfilled their end of our contract. never paid for services rendered (hosting and displaying the’s video player for one month).

What you should learn from this video player publisher review

1. Avoid the mischief I endured at the hands of by avoiding Reelkandi all together. They will tell you that they will pay you at the end of a agreed upon time period. Do not believe it. They will try to change the terms of the business deal once it is time from them to pay. Remember: The head honcho of publisher management at Reelkandi runs Reelkandi (he is the CEO). The way its employees conduct themselves in a business deal is dictated by this individual. Even if you do not directly deal with the aforementioned employee, do you really want to enter into business deal with one of his clones?

2. Getting the business deal in writing is pointless if you do not have the resources (capital and a attorney) to sue for non-payment. Get paid first. The advertiser needs you more than you need them.

3. Research who you are doing business with. If I had, I would have found the Bad Business Practice Complaints levied against the company and I could have made a more informed business decision. I certainly would have remained steadfast with payment upfront or I would have walked away from the deal all together.

Learning from a Bad Business Deal

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when dealing with a new business contact:

1. Never take the advertiser at his or her word. Money corrupts and people have a tendency to be niggardly when it comes to relinquishing it. Be safe. Get the business contract in writing, signed by both parties (fax it to each other), have it notarized, and filed with an attorney.

2. Do not give trust away. Do no trust someone that has not earned that type of respect from you.

3. Get paid from advertisers before hosting a product for an allotted time period.

If the advertiser wants to see the ad live before sending payment, get the HTML embed code, email the advertiser so they can see the ad live on your website, then ask for payment. If they do not send payment within one day, delete their embed from your website until they do. The advertiser wanting to see the ad live on your website is a reasonable request (if they make that request). It gives both parties the opportunity to see that the ad is displaying and working properly. If a potential advertiser requests to pay after a certain time period has past, beware, unless they are an organization like Google (AdSense).

In Conclusion

This review should have driven home one ultimate fact for a webmaster regarding an advertiser: Get paid first.

Leonardo Dicaprio The Great Gatsby

Leonardo Dicaprio The Great Gatsby

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Disclaimer: This review is not meant to denigrate, defame, or to assassinate the character of the company in question or its employees. This review is for educational purposes and only represents the facts.

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