Product Reviews Video Player Publisher Review: Deceit, Non-Payment – Pt.1 recently afforded me the opportunity to embed, use, and host the Reelkandi Video Player as a publisher on a movie website for 37 days. The publisher hosting experience with’s online entertainment TV channel is something no webmaster should have to endure. Not only was I not paid for hosting the Reelkandi’s video player, the company eventually stopped answering my payment request emails.

I have embedded and hosted numerous product ads and video players on websites I own. This was the first time I ever experienced blatant deceit (substantiated here: Video Player Publisher Review: Deceit, Non-Payment: Pt.3) and non-payment on a flat rate contract for services rendered (substantiated here: Video Player Publisher Review: Deceit, Non-Payment: Pt.2). After I canceled the contract, I realized that my experience with Reelkandi’s web application and with their publisher management staff was a learning experience, an experience that other publishers can learn from indirectly. There is no webmaster class that you can sign up for that will teach you to be weary of what I stepped into.

Reelkanditv Logo

Reelkanditv Logo

I was beguiled. I was greedy. I trusted a stranger. Trust has to be earned, not given away like inconsequential candy on Halloween. I forgot the last part and Reelkandi was able to steal 37 days of free advertising from me. Reelkandi’ advertising thievery (substantiated here: Video Player Publisher Review: Deceit, Non-Payment: Pt.3) has redefined how I look upon advertisers and deal with them. This was the one positive to come out of Reelkandi’s treachery (substantiated here: Video Player Publisher Review: Deceit, Non-Payment: Pt.3).

What is

[Reelkandi is] an (exclusively) online TV entertainment channel. [Their] audience is made up of predominantly women, who watch our channels across 500 publisher websites. [Their] reach is global, currently running to 70 million views a month, across the UK, USA and Europe.

Production units are based in London, Los Angeles, Netherlands and Germany. They produce original programs for channels including Showbiz, Beauty, Fashion, Music, Movies, Red Carpet, Theatre and the all female chat show, Afternoon Tease.

Reelkandi’s Video Player’s video player is a web application a publisher (webmaster) embeds into the HTML of their website. The video player displays a short video and then gives on-screen options to the viewer to watch others via categories. Think Google AdSense’s 300×250 player except Reelkandi’s video player is 300×300.

Reelkanditv Video Player

Reelkanditv Video Player

Upcoming in this review

During my review of Reelkandi’s video player, its implementation, contracting with Reelkandi, and payment for hosting their video player, the reader will also learn of my cantankerous dealings (substantiated here: Video Player Publisher Review: Deceit, Non-Payment: Pt.3) with Reelkandi’s publisher management department.

My case is not singular when it comes to working with Reelkandi or hosting their video player. You will learn that there are other publishers that have had “difficulties” recouping payment for hosting Reelkandi’s video player.

Finally, you will be shown methods to protect your website from advertisers like Reelkandi.

Before we get to that,

  • have you ever taken a new advertiser at his or her word when it came to ad payment?

Please tell us in the comments section below.

Future segments of this review:

Disclaimer: This review is not meant to denigrate, defame, or to assassinate the character of the company in question or its employees. The words or statements that could be characterized as such (and not substantiated with facts and/or proof) have either been deleted or are behind stars (*****). This review is for educational purposes and only represents the facts.

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