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Proper Keywords and Tags to Maximize Google AdSense Ads

Proper Keywords and Tags to Maximize Google AdSense Ads are essential for success with Google’s ad program. Proper Google AdSense Keywords and Tags will insecure that the relevant Google Sponsored Ads you desire and want to display on your movie website or weblog are in fact displayed.  You do not know how many times I have been on a movie website and have seen car ads, phone ads, couples ads, etc., which have nothing to do with movies or films what-so-ever. Taking at look at the tags for the particular post (you can make these not show in the post by going into the stylesheet and deleting a line of code) or the meta tags for the site usually reveals the problem. They are usually too broad and non-specific.


Since they are movie sites, the aforementioned ads have little chance of being clicked. Being specific in your tagging helps Google AdSense Ads know exactly what kind of website and type of post or article they are dealing with. For example, do not say trailer unless you want automobile trailer ads showing up on your website. Say movie trailer or film trailer so that Google AdSense knows what type of trailer is under discussion in your post and on your movie website. Here is an example for the Brothers (2009) Movie Trailer. Since the tags are specific, the Google AdSense Ads generated with the post are specific and targeted as well, in this case, other movie trailers. Be specific with you Keywords and Tags with Google AdSense and your post and your movie website will reap the benefits.

Here are a few keywords I use to get movie-related Google AdSense Ads:

Film, Movie, Film Review, Movie Review, Cinema, Movie Trailer, Film Trailer, Box Office, DVD, Blu-ray

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