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Post Title Importance to Search Engine Optimization

Advertise to Google and all the other search engines what your post is about in the post’s title. Load the post title with the correct keywords and be specific with the post’s main idea there. Here is what I sometimes do to Search Engine Optimize (SEO) movie trailers and movie reviews: I post the year after you movie trailer title or movie review title. Usually I would not mention this but since this is the Season of Remakes, it is very important. By placing certain keywords in your post title, such as the year of the movie you are reviewing, it will help differentiate it to the search engines and make sure you appear on the right  Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Take the remake of Friday the 13th for example. If I wrote a movie review for the remake and titled the post: “Review: Friday the 13th”, the review would show up in SERPS for both the 1980 version of the film and the 2009 version.


It would also show up in the SERPs for the soundtrack reviews for Friday the 13th, book reviews for Friday the 13th, and anything else reviewed with the title Friday the 13th in it. If I labeled it Film Review: Friday the 13th (2009), if tells the search engines specifically that the post is a film review and a film review for the 2009 version of Friday the 13th only. This will get your post more hits and most importantly specific hits from people looking for your specific post in SERPs. Now all you need is the post.

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