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Pixazza: Image Space Ads, In-image Advertising to Monetize Website Photos

In-image advertising (aka image space ads or  mouse over image ads), if you are using photos on your movie website, is a way for you to monetize those pictures. Pixazza is one company that offers such a service. We all know that movie studios constantly release movie stills, behind-the-scene photos, and movie posters. Some movie webmasters post celebrity photos and red carpet photos from movie premieres, award presentations, and film festivals. All of these images can be monetized through Pixazza.

Pixazza LogoPixazza, a Google Ventures-backed photo tagging service [,…] has been compared to [as] an “AdSense for Images,” [service, serves] in-image advertisements.

In case you do not know, In-image advertising is

a form of contextual advertising where specific images on a website are matched with related advertisements.

In-Image advertising uses “data about the image, its tags, and the surrounding content to match images with ads that are contextually relevant.”

The In-Image Advertising Model

works on a cost per click (CPC) or cost per thousand impressions (CPM) model. The In-Image ad model is very similar to those used by in-text advertising networks like Vibrant (written about here: Movie Website In-Text Advertising: Vibrant Review) and Kontera (written about here: Movie Website In-Text Advertising: Kontera Review).

Here is How Pixazza Works

After Pixazza’s JavaScript is installed and you have been approved after three business days, consumers

simply mouse over images already on your website to explore the products that catch their eye. With a single click, they learn more about the products and can instantly make similar purchases from our merchants. Pixazza shares the resulting commission with the publisher.

Pixazza doesn’t require any additional screen real estate, so it’s purely additive to your other advertising programs. Publishers don’t have to supply any datafeeds. You continue to serve all your images from your site as before.

After you sign up for a Publisher account, Pixazza tells you which of the following services works best for your website.

The Third Best Option for a Movie Website

Pixazza offers an expert-tagging service.

Pixazza helps high-traffic, image-rich sites make the most of their images by transforming static pictures into interactive and actionable content.

To connect consumers with the products inside publisher’s images, Pixazza harnesses the taste, judgment and insight of our product experts through our one-of-a-kind crowdsourcing platform.

Not all publishers qualify for Pixazza’s expert-tagging service.

The reason why this is the third best option for a movie website is because most movie websites are not heavily image rich or deal with fashion. Most of the products linked to through Pixazza are apparel, shoes, and clothing. This is great if your are running a celebrity picture website like Perez Hilton or Egotastic but not for a regular movie website.

The Second Best Option for a Movie Website

Pixazza offers a self-tagging service.

Pixazza gives publishers and bloggers all of the tools they need to quickly and easily tag their own website images using our innovative Pixazza platform. You add only a single line of JavaScript.

  • Turn existing static images into useful and interactive content, while generating incremental revenue
  • Learn how to easily identify, tag, and match products within your online images
  • Tap into the millions of products that are available today from our large network of established merchants

The reasons why this is the second best option for a movie website are the the same reasons for The Third Best Option. In addition, most movie webmasters do not have the time to tag individual images for Pixazza. The savvy webmaster will instead spend their valuable time tagging their photos for SEO (written about here: Using SEO Optimized images in your Posts for Increased Pageviews and here: 5 Ways to Optimize Images for Increased Pageviews and SEO). If the movie webmaster has a staff, they may assign a staff member to tag the photos but I would go with what I deem to be the best and easiest option for a movie website.

The Best Option for a Movie Website

Pixazza offers Image Ads powered by Google AdSense.

For publishers who don’t want to tag images, Pixazza also offers a way for publishers to place relevant advertisements within the image.

These unobtrusive display ads are activated upon mouse-over of the image. The ads can be placed on 0-100% of all images that are not tagged with products. Image ads are an excellent way for publishers to earn incremental revenue without any additional time investment.

Pixazza Image Ad

The reasons why this is best option suited for a movie website is because its “drop and go”. Similar to the ads that appear on a YouTube video where the uploader has joined YouTube’s revenue sharing program, these Google ads appear at the bottom of posted photos with ads when the photo is moused over. The relevancy of the Pixazza/Google AdSense ad depends on the available ads and how well your photo and the post its contained in are tagged (written about here: 5 Ways to Optimize Images for Increased Pageviews and SEO).

In Conclusion

There are other Image Space Ad options (Gum Gum, Image Space Media, et cetera. A brief aside: we tried Gum Gum briefly and the mouse over ads generated weren’t as relevant as we had hoped, certainly not as attuned as Google AdSense ads are) but sense you are probably already accustomed to Google AdSense on your website or have heard a lot about it, as Eddie Murphy said in The Distinguished Gentlemen: “Vote for the name you know”. In this case its Google AdSense and by extension, Pixazza, which will help turn your movie stills, behind-the-scene photos, movie posters, et cetera into an additional revenue stream.

Source: Techtasks, Techcrunch

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