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Movie Website In-Text Advertising: Introduction

In-Text Advertising, their Advertisers, and other make money online avenues and strategies are not easy to learn, especially when you have content to crank out on a daily basis. One movie website money making channel not discussed in How to Make Money with a Movie Website is In-Text Advertising.

In-text advertising is a form of contextual advertising where specific keywords within the text of a web-page are matched with advertising and/or related information units…in-text advertising places hyperlinks directly into the text of the webpage

In-Text Advertising, referenced on our Make Money page with Kontera, Vibrant, Text Link Ads, and Bidvertiser, can be another revenue stream for fiscally aspiring movie website owners. If leveraged properly and intuitively, it can be a great money maker for your movie website. Before we get into that, lets first explore the characteristics of In-Text Advertising.

Most in-text advertising has the following characteristics:

  1. The text associated with an advertisement is identified by a double-underline to differentiate it from regular hyperlinks.
  2. An in-page bubble containing advertising content appears when the cursor is positioned over the corresponding text.
  3. When the mouse is moved away from the double-underline hyperlink, the bubble disappears.
  4. If the reader is interested in learning more about the product being offered, he can simply click on the ad bubble to go to the advertiser’s site.

As the In-Text Advertising field has advanced and grown, so has the diversity of competitors in the field. In-Text Advertising options include  the aforementioned Vibrant, Kontera, Text Link Ads, and Bidvertiser, to name a few. For any of the services, earning revenue is the primary concern for the movie website owner, next to how the ads look on their website.

In text advertising works on a cost per click (CPC) model, which means that each time a website visitor clicks on an In-Text ad, the websites owner gets paid by the advertiser.

In this series we will be discussing some of the more popular In-Text Advertising options, their notable attributes, and advantageous techniques to use with them.

Questions for discussion

  • Are you currently using In-Text Advertising on your movie website? Which one are you using?

Please share below.

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  • I use Infolinks and I have been paid 75+ before. A small website will take awhile to make their current payment threshold of 50 dollars.I would like to see an article on garnering publicity revenue from film distributors. Is this possible? Have you found success here? I have hit mostly closed doors:)

    • I saw that. I was recently sent (I haven't received it yet) my first Kontera payment after a LONG time. An article on garnering publicity revenue from film distributors is very possible but I will give you the long and short of it right now: Traffic. The only publicity revenue I have received has been in the form of Blu-rays but I have to advertise them on my site in some way. One time I was actually offered payment to advertise a film festival but my theme was crap and couldn't display it on my sidebar properly. I have been asked to advertise other things but none wanted to pay. It was always if they click on the ad or so forth. Basically they wanted to advertise on my site for free. Hell no.

  • I agree, the more traffic coming in the more offers for advertising, or opportunities in general.Someone came in today offering to put up a text link for $50, but she wanted a year plus – nope. I cannot waive 6 months+ in fees. I counter-offered, so she might still come on.One tip I have found, when your site has been up for awhile submit to Traileraddict. They have a newsfeed on the bottom of the site that can bring in a lot of traffic if you are posting consistently. My traffic for this month increased 7k because of TA and a few other tweaks.Thanks for the info' and great articles here. Haha, I have totally gotten off topic from In-Text advertising. -Mike

    • I got an offer for a price well below what I was asking for a text link as well. I had to turn him down. I'm already in line to be added to that Newsdesk. Gotta wait a few weeks though. Thx for the tip.What "other tweaks" have you made that have increased traffic? Please share.

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