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Movie Website In-Text Advertising: Infolinks Review

Infolinks was the third In-Text Advertising solution that I have used. I began using Infolinks on my movie website on June 8, 2010. Applicable keywords and phrases were automatically underlined and highlighted once their code was put into the footer of my website.

Income Results for one week (seven days)


After seven days, the Infolinks ads on my movie site received 141 clicks and $5.65. This total made Infolinks the third best money maker out of Kontera, Infolinks, and Vibrant on my movie website. As you can see in my Kontera Review, for the same amount of clicks during the same amount of time I made more with Kontera. Note: All of the In-Text advertising tests were conducted on the same website.

Ad targeting

Like Kontera, the ad targeting for Infolinks needs a lot of work. On my movie website, the ads displayed did not match the underlined word or the content of the story it was in. Ex Director. When I hovered over this underlined Infolinks word, a Pellgrini Legal ad popped up. What that had to do with film in question, the director or even the film studio he was working for was beyond me. Then I hovered over a film title and a NetFlix ad came up about the type of film in questions and their rental service, so that was creditable and decent result.


The payout threshold for Infolinks is $50 and they offer three different ways to receive your money: PayPal, Bankwire (min $400), and Infolinks prepaid Mastercard.


Standard ad design for all of their ads. A viewer while always know an Infolinks ad when the see it. It’s clean and to the point.

Infolinks ads display for italicized words which means if you have a movie title italicized to set it apart from the rest of the text in your post or film review, the in-text advertising will still display.

Infolinks has premium advertisers like NetFlix under their belt. For a movie website, that is good news.

Infolinks gives the user the ability to change the link color of the in-text underlining on your site, whether you want dotted or a solid line, and the ability to set the max number of links per page.


As I mentioned in Ad Targeting section of this review, very few of their ads are targeted toward films/film websites so when something film-centric was underlined on my movie website, most of the time something else irrelevant to the post’s content and the site’s content was displayed.

For actors, directors’ names, film studios, and celebrity names, Infolinks’ ads were 99% non-existent. For a person running a movie website or a celebrity website and using a in-text advertising solution, this will cost them money daily are these texts are the ones that will show up most on their sites. That is why Vibrant has code specific to entertainment websites that entertainment webmasters can place in the footer of their site. More on that in my Vibrant Review. Kontera may not display a SERPs box like Vibrant, but they do underline (actors, directors’ names, film studios, and celebrity names) and a pop is displayed. Like I said in my Kontera Review though, there is vast room for improvement for what they display for those pop ups but at least the underlining occurs.

Infolinks Content Categories do not include Entertainment, Movie, or Film. This is why their ads are mismatched with a movie website. Their Arts category does not cut it.

The standard Infolink ad size does not adjust/expand for certain ads like Kontera ads have begun to and which Vibrant ads do as well. For TV commercials, movie trailers, etc., this is a hindrance and a presentation limitation for Infolinks. The ad should be as eye catching and engrossing as possible. Vibrant (founded in 2001) knows this, Kontera (founded in 2003) has caught on to the fact and is adapting. Infolinks (founded in 2007) will have to follow suit as well.

I did not see any movie trailers, DVD/Blu-ray commercials/ads pop-ups when using Infolinks.

In Conclusion

Infolinks is embryonic, begun only three years ago. They have tons of room to grow. A little VC money and who knows. Infolinks needs more work than Kontera in displaying relevant ads on certain types of  websites and their algorithm definitely needs work when it comes to displaying ads on a movie website. Movie and entertainment websites are a valuable niche segment that Infolinks seems to have barely scratched the surface of.  I have heard some favorable reports from movie webmasters on the use of Infolinks but when asked, they had neither tried Kontera nor Vibrant yet. It will be interesting to see what they say once they have. As Infolinks gains more movie studio support and attention, TV station ad dollars, their lack of ads in those departments will change and improve. Like I suggested to Jonathan Cohen – a Kontera Community Manager that commented on my Kontera Review a few days after it went live – Infolinks should consider forming a strategic alliance with Google or Yahoo. They could use their search engine results in their ads the way Vibrant uses Bing’s in their ads. Infolinks gets paid, Google or Yahoo get more search engine traffic, and Infolinks’ users get more relevant pop-ups for movie stars, films, and celebrities. It’s a win-win. They could even form a relationship with IMDb. That would be something. As it is now, Infolinks would be my third choice when it comes to in-text advertising on a movie website.

What have been your experiences with Infolinks? Share them below.

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Rollo Tomasi

A Political Science and MBA grad who started ProMovieBlogger to educate others on what he had learned through trial and error. Cinema and TV addict. Former writer at Empire Movies, Blogcritics, and Alternative Film Guide. In addition to writing for FilmBook (, he also edits the copy published on the website, manages its writing staff, manages the back-end operations, site finances, its social network accounts, and works with publicists, actors, and companies on press coverage and promotions. He also created and runs Trending

  • I've gone round and round on this myself (Kontera, AdBrite) and seem to usually return to Infolinks for the higher conversions. I actually forgot about Vibrant Media and will give them a look. I think their ad inventory loads faster and is more dynamic. Interesting article. Jeffrey Baril <> Source Blogger

    • My review was movie website-centric so the conversions on other types of sites were not included. Since you run an info site its not surprising that your conversions would be higher.

  • Sarah

    Hi ProMovieBlogger, it’s Sarah from Infolinks.  We appreciate your in-depth review – we’ll definitely look into your valueable suggestions. I do have to say that we serve thousands of satisfied publishers and we stand by our guarantee that Infolinks pays the highest revenue share in the industry. Although we consider our ads to be highly relevant, there is always room for improvement and are constantly improving our algorithm.  We’re currently featuring premium ads such as Walmart, Macy’s, PetSmart, 1-800 Flowers, Sephora, Tiger Direct, and  Our inventory of advertisers grows everyday and we hope to add more in the entertainment field. We’d like to encourage you to give us another try.  With some personalized optimization we’re positive we can make you a believer.Regards,Sarah

    • Thank you Sarah for taking the time to get in contact with me and my audience. It is appreciated. I did not know how you would take my suggestions. I am glad you found them helpful. I debated putting them in as it seemed I was telling Infolinks their job when I have no idea how complex that job really is. What personalized optimization is available for a film / entertainment website.?

  • Thank you for giving a deep insight, and I appreciate the response come from infolinks. Infolinks make new breakthroughs that will grow rapidly. I will soon put on my site.
    Best Regards.

  • I don't know about Infolinks. I use them, but my traffic has increased by 100% over the last year and yet I am making the same or less on Infolinks. It is not unusual for me to make less than .10 a day from this site with 9 links per page. .10!! Wth? Sometimes I will get 9 clicks on adverts' and still make .10. The site does not make a lot of sense to me and I am thinking of trying out Vibrant once I hit my threshold again. -Mike

    • I know Mike. You run a horror site. Infoilinks really makes no sense on your site. How many horror links could they possibly generate? They need a team to just work on ads for entertainment/film websites and by genre. The need to contact Anchor Bay, Warner Bros., Disney, The Weinstein Company, etc.I was seeing returns like that from Kontera for sometime until my traffic level improved. That was almost two years ago though. I will talk about this more in the Vibrant review but their SERPs box for celebrity names, film titles, etc has been off line for about a month now, maybe more. As a result, my Vibrant earnings have taken a moderate to large hit. Because of this, some movie website owners have been trying other in text providers.

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