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Now that you have learned how to write a movie review and have written it, your movie review still needs some polishing, both for SEO and for aesthetics. This need not be a tiresome exercise on your part as these steps can be taken after the movie review has fully been written and edited for errors on your part. These are the Movie Review Writing Strategies that I have found effective.

Be Bold

Bold actors’ names in your movie review, the director, screenwriters (if you mention them), etc. Every real person you mention in that movie review that had to do with the film.

These bold names are good for movie post SEO, which in turn are good for Google or Yahoo ad networks ads (if you have them on your movie website).

A New Slant

Italics the names of of other movies if you are referencing them in your movie review or set them apart in some way so the reader knows you are talking about another movie title.

Your Other Content

As mentioned in the how to write a movie review post, interlinking your movie review with other related content through WP Related Posts plugin is a prudent idea. Backlinking within in your movie review to other movie reviews you have written, when appropriate, is also a good idea. Both linking methods will give your site visitors other content to read that they might find interesting. If nothing else, you should get additional pageviews out of it.

Your Category Label

I have seen on many movie websites the category of “review”, not “movie review” or “film review”, just “review”. Though most people that visit your movie webiste know what reviews await them once they click that category, web crawlers, aka spiders or bots, do not. Keep SEO (its very important when someone is searching for movie reviews online and will serve you well if you have an entire section under that or an alike moniker) and your site visitors in mind. Tell them and your audience exactly what type of review that section of your movie website is about. Label it Movie Reviews, Film Reviews, Cinema Reviews, In-Theater Reviews, whatever. The point is: make it clear to all parties concerned.

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