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Monetize Videos, Trailers, Clips on your Website Through Springboard

You can monetize your website‘s published videos, trailers, and clips by using Springboard. Springboard lets webmasters make money online from their video content, whether it is a TV spot published in a article, a movie clip, a tutorial, a featurette, a movie trailer, a web series episode, et cetera. Through Springboard, any video on your website can be turned into a money-maker. Many of the top movie and entertainment news websites monetize their video content through Springboard and you can as well.

I have written previously about on-site videos here: Embeddable Video Players: Website Branding, Digital Logo Watermarks, Ad Options and here: How to Create a YouTube Channel that Drives Traffic to Your Website.

YouTube lets an uploader monetize the videos they upload and own the rights to through Google AdSense but not the ones they hold no title to. How many of the videos that you upload to YouTube or embed from them (or from other sources) do you own the rights to? How many videos have you monetized that are currently on your website?

Milla Jovovich The Fifth Element

Milla Jovovich The Fifth Element

I imagine the answer is few and far between.

Springboard lets you monetize most if not all of them, whether you own the rights to them or not.

Springboard is not the only game in town when it comes to this type of monetizing video player. Indieclick is an ad network that offers a video player that shows ads that a publisher can particpate in the revenue stream of as well (written about here: Make Money Online).

Between the two of them, Springboard is far more social network friendly (more options) though both offer easy to find embed options. That is important because if someone embeds your video player on their site, that is more times the ad in the player is displayed (and possibly clicked) and more revenue that you make.

The hiccup with Indieclick is that a publisher has to be exclusive with Indieclick in order to use their player, no other ad network can be on their website. Springboard does not have that restriction. Springboard, however, does take 50% of all the revenue earned through their video player.

One Important Fact

I had to ask Business Development Team representative this question: If I stop using Spiringboard and terminate my contract, will all the trailers in the players I have embedded on my site go dead (like when your YouTube account is terminated)? He assured me that they would not.

Before and After

Springboard lets a publisher monetize videos they have already published on their website. Sceanrio: if you have a very popular video on your website, you may decide to load into through the Springboard Video Player (SBV) then update the article. Now you make money off of each and every time that popular video is played on your site from that point on.

The Player Comes

Once you have been approved by Springboard’s Business Development Team and have a user account, you will be able to select what type of ad (e.g. videogame trailers) displays on the SpringBoard Video Player. You will also be able to brand the player with your logo and be able to take part in other promotions Springboard has to offer.

In the New Post Window

When a user activates SBV on their site and are in the “New Post” screen ( for WordPress. I assume they have a version for non-WordPress users as well), you click on the SP icon and you are shown four options: Videos, App Playlist, Upload, and YouTube.

Of all the options, “Upload” and “YouTube” will probably be the most useful and used.

“Upload” lets its user upload a video directly into Springboard Video Player from their harddrive. The “YouTube” option allows the user to place into the SBV the YouTube address of the video they want to use.

An example of Springboard Video Player

Here is a video (the leaked The Evil Dead (2013) Red Band Movie Trailer from the 2012 New York Comic-Con) that uses the SBV. Note the ad that plays before the video begins, the site logo in the top right-hand corner, and the social icons that show up when your cursor is over the SBV.

How to gain access to the Springboard Video Player

You have to be approved by Springboard by filling out their Publisher Information Request form to gain use of the SBV. A few days after not getting a response, I used the contact form on their website and asked for an update on my application. One of their Business Development Team representatives got in touch with me the same day.

A Question

How do you monetize the videos on your website?

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