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Making Money with Amazon Associates on a Movie Website: The Deal Post

Putting all of your cards in one basket is a bad idea. I see many movie website owners only using Google AdSense since their ad boxes rotate ads for them based on their site content and tags. Using Amazon Associates program means that you manually pick and choose what movies and movie tech to promote and sell. This is boring work but it should also be exciting for you. You get to tailor make your Amazon ad campaigns. One of the best ways to do this is with The Deal Post.

Deal Post

This is the one that many people overlook and probably should overlook if their traffic level is not high enough. A deal post is a post whose sole purpose is to focus the reader on a sales item, clicking-through, and converting that click-through into a sale.

The Deal Post Mechanics

The Title: Tell the reader exactly what the deal is in the title and use good keywords. Stay away from the generic. Its not interesting and its not enticing.

Buttons and Phrases: Action buttons (Buy buttons) and phrase are always a good idea. Buy buttons are a visual call to action (Hay! Click me!) and are a road sign for your readers instant gratification (and who doesn’t like instant gratification? When you are with your significant other and you want…never mind).


Images: If you use a picture in your deal post, hyperlink the picture to the Amazon sales page. If there is a special feature of note, highlight that in your deal post and link to the sales page about it. The same goes for any special features you find interesting, videos on the sales page, etc.

amazon-black-fridaySpecials: Amazon has tons of deals that do not last very long. They will sell DVDs and Blu-rays at a reduced price just to move units and clear out inventory. These type of deals can also be seen on holidays like Black Friday. Writing up a post that details these deals and links to them is technique and template for some successful deal posts.

Here is an example of a deal post. The links in the post garnered three clicks and two of them converted to sales.

Every week

Every week a new movie is released on, a potential movie that your audience might enjoy purchasing. Why shouldn’t you benefit in some way if they do want to purchase it. To reap this benefit you have to work harder and potentially change your Amazon movie ads every week. Quality films do not come out every week so its not that bad but you do have to stay vigilant if profit is one of the concerns of your movie website.

Sell what you would buy

When I started my first movie website, I promoted as many things that I could get my hands on. I sold nothing. Then I began pimping things I owned, loved or wanted to own. I began to sell items. You know why: there was actual passion behind my recommendations, I could give personal testimonials, the films/tech were relevant to my audience, and a large amount of the films I was advertising were popular.

Sell the best seller

Amazon has great lists of what is selling best on their website site in all its categories, including DVDs, Blu-rays, DVD players, and Blu-ray players. Use them in conjunction with your own ideas and thoughts on what products to advertise on your site. They show you what people are buying right now on Amazon and what is hot.

Bestsellers in Movies and TV





Action & Adventure

And many others. Click here.

Now that you have seen the manual way to set up movie ads and posts from Amazon, next you will be shown how to automate the process so that you can spend your time on what is most important, creating new posts for your website on a regular basis.

A question for discussion:

  • Do you use Amazon’s Best Sellers lists and/or write deal posts? How effective have you found them to be?

Leave your responses below.

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