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Making Money with Amazon Associates on a Movie Website: Automate

Making Money with Amazon Associates on a Movie Website can be streamlined to a certain extent to maximize profits while minimizing your expenditure of sweat equity. I mentioned this at the conclusion of the previous post in this series: Making Money with Amazon Associates on a Movie Website: The Deal Post. I have found through use or come across six methods to automate making money with Amazon Associates on a Movie Website.

1.) A Retainer to watch your Back

Hire someone to scan Amazon for their Gold Box Deals / Lightning Deals and write Deal posts on them for your movie website. Create a user profile for the employee on your website and pay them a percentage of your average income per month from Amazon or whatever you see fit.

Charlize Theron, Elle Magazine Russia, September 2010

2.) PhpZon Pro

This method I have not personally used yet but have heard great things about. It completely automates the process of posting pictures, star ratings, prices, a link back to Amazon, etc. from a product on Amazon into your post. A screenshot of what PhpZon Pro can produce (you can tweak it any way you want) for Iron Man on blu-ray below.

Iron Man Blu-ray, PhpZon Pro WP plugin Screenshot

Everything is clickable that is inserted by PhpZon Pro into your post and leads back to the product in question. The plugin

interfaces with’s database of millions of products to display product information

Phpzon Box Image

I have been doing it the manual way and it is tedious. If you are doing a larger post with multiple titles/products, it can take you hours, time you could be spending writing other posts. You have to get the photos yourself, rename them, size them, import them and that is just the photo part of the post. Check out this Deal Post: Cinephile Deal: Total Recall, Le Femme Nikita, Man on Fire, Robocop, Universal Soldier on Blu-ray for $10. This took me some time to put together and this plugin would have made it much simpler.

The Price is $79 $63.20: See more info about phpZon pro here

Saving you Money: Use coupon code E907DB07EB for 20% off. You must click through the link above first then apply the coupon code when prompted to.

3.) Schedule Posts in Advance

Write the Deal Post in advance then set it to post later on. Use the dates on which a new DVD/Blu-ray or piece of play back hardware is going to be released to your advantage and schedule your posts appropriately. WordPress has a feature built in that allows you to do so entitled: Publish immediately Edit on the New Post page. You can write Amazon posts three months in advance if you wish (or even longer though the release price will likely change), set them to post when you want and not think about them until post time.

4.) Amazon Banner: Deals Widget

This square widget is not that bad but like I said in this post: How to Set Up a Movie Website Sidebar: For Profit, I dislike using banners. The Deals widget lets you display discount products by category. If you are running a movie website, you can display discounted DVDs and  DVDs on sale through Gold Box or Lightning Deals. The widget also allows you to choose the level of discount you want: low, medium, or high. FYI, this widget is on medium discount. The reason I would not use this widget is because you only have a few seconds to capture someone’s attention. They are not going to sit there as that widget ticks off deals. Amazon has thought of this though and the widget allows the viewer to scroll it themselves if they wish but honestly, how many will?

5.) The other Amazon banners and widgets

They take thought out of the process, are quick to install on your website but I would not bother. They do not convert. They are either non-specific or take time to load, slowing the loading of your web page. You can create you own specific banners but you will have to search for and input specific products manually.

6.) WP Robot

WP Robot LogoThis is another plugin but it allows you to place Amazon products in your post but also other products (articles, eBay items, Clickbank products, Flickr, Yahoo Answers, and more).

You can download the plugin and try out the Clickbank module for free. You can then either add the modules you want individually or pay for the full plugin to get them all.

The Price is $169 $139: See more info about WP Robot here

Saving you Money: Use coupon code pmbisawesome for $30 off the full version. You must click through the link above first then apply the coupon code when prompted to.

In Conclusion

These are the six ways I have found or come across to automate the process of making money on a movie website through the Amazon Associates program.

A question for discussion

  • Have you found other methods of automating the process of making money through the Amazon Associates program?

Please share below.

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