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Link Exchange Review: Zergnet, Crowdignite, Wahoha, Scribol: Part 2

In Part 1 of the Zergnet, Crowdignite, Wahoha, Scribol Link Exchange Review, I spoke of Zergnet and how I tried out the new link exchange network. I also spoke about the results of that trial usage. I also began comparing  ZergnetCrowdigniteWahoha, and Scribol to one another. In this part of the link exchange review, I will finish that comparison, rank them, and declare which one is currently number one, two, etc. but more importantly, why.

In Comparison (continued)



I submitted 139 stories into Zergnet. 4 stories are active, 4 stories I never submitted.

Zergnet does not tell you which of the stories you submitted are active or which are rejected. Nor do they tell you which stories are receiving the most traffic anywhere in the user dashboard.

When our account was activated and they began sending our movie website traffic, they submitted 4 stories that I had already submitted into their system again.

Those are the 4 stories that Zergnet is prolifearting throughout their network currently, the 4 that brought in over 3K of referral traffic on the first day (that might have been just to show me what they could do. Its at about 1K today at 5:51pm).

Zergnet tells the user exactly how much traffic they have received from their widget on your site and how much traffic Zergnet sent back.


As I mentioned before in Link Exchange Review: Scribol, Wahoha, Crowd Ignite, 2Leep: Part 1, I had about two pages worth of stories active in Scribol’s system and another three pages of stories waiting to be activated when all three pages of unactivated stories disappeared from Scribol’s system. I stopped using Scirbol soon after that.

When I did use Scribol, they showed the perfomance of the top ten stories from our movie website in their system along with a display of how much traffic we had sent them.

Scribol does not activate all of your submitted stories all at once. They activate them a few at a time, hence its major flaw. Many submitted stories are time sensitive, hot at that moment. When Scribol gets around to activating them, they may have already cooled off.

Story Submission

Zergnet is the easiest link exchange to submit stories to, followed by Crowdignite, Scibol, and Wahoha.

Zergnet, Crowdignite, and Wahoha let you paste in the URL of any image you want to use for your submitted story, Scribol does not. Scribol hapharzardly takes the picture from your site, whether it is appropriate for your story or not. They give you five image choices but more often than not it is not from your submitted story.

Wahoha requires tags for your submitted stories (an extra step) while Zergnet, Crowdignite, and Scribol do not.


The name of the game for a link exchange, the reason why a webmaster bothers with them. Currently Zergnet is king, as was evident from the numbers in “Zergnet’s Edict”, followed by Crowdignite, then Wahoha, and Scribol (last time I checked. Its been half a year or so now).

Average Visit Time

Crowdignite stories had an average visit time of 1:33 minutes. Zergnet was second with 0:47 seconds. Scribol was third with 0:38 seconds. Wahoha was fourth with 0:25 seconds.

Obviously, a longer visit time is a good thing and Crowdignite is good at choosing stories that retain a visitor’s attention longer than Zergnet, Scribol, and Wahoha are.


With movie and TV show websites like ScreenRant, SlashFilm, FilmSchoolRejects, FirstShowing, CinemaBlend, etc. currently using Zergnet, your stories are put in front of a large gaggle of cinephiles on top tier websites, far more than with Crowdignite, Scibol, or Wahoha.

In Conclusion

Zergnet currently does exactly what it promises, far more so than Wahoha and Scribol ever came close to doing. I asked the Zergnet representative to “show me the money” (I didn’t use that exact phrase) and he did. Final rating for movie webmasters: Zergnet is first, Crowdignite is second and its a toss up between Wahoha and Scribol. One is in desperate need of new, relevant movie and TV show stories (Wahoha) and one loses stories you submit and has picture issues.

Zergnet does not have any of the problems Wahoha and Scribol are currently enduring. Remember, the life’s blood of a website is great, unique content. The second variable is traffic to that content. “The Spice must flow.” – Third Stage Guild Navigator, Dune.

Zergnet Tips

Lists (Top 5 this, etc.), superhero stories, breaking news on upcoming movie and TV shows are all the rage on Zergnet and those are the stories you should concentrate on submitting.

Anne Hathaway The Dark Knight Rises

Anne Hathaway The Dark Knight Rises

Don’t bother with old trailers and so forth. Essays and Editorials are good as well.

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