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Link Exchange Review: Scribol, Wahoha, Crowd Ignite, 2Leep: Part 2

In Part 1 of Scribol, Wahoha, Crowd Ignite, 2Leep Link Exchange Review, I spoke of what a link exchange is, link exchange placement I have observed, and gave my initial impressions on link exchanges. In this part of ScribolWahohaCrowd Ignite2Leep link exchange review,  I will give my personal experiences with each and rank them do to certain criteria.

Personal experiences with Scribol, Wahoha, Crowd Ignite, and 2Leep.


This was the first link exchange I used and it is the one that has given me the most problems (I uploaded three pages of posts and their system deleted them before they were ever published).

With Scribol, the publisher adds a post and then it awaits publication in their system until the publisher’s traffic return ratio drops below a certain point then a new post is selected by a member of their team and is published.

I believe this is both wise and idiotic. It’s wise because Scribol’s system is not flooded with new posts constantly and it gives the current ones time to breath. Its idiotic because some posts, like movie trailers or breaking news, become dated if they are not posted immediately. The post will have no value and will most-likely bring in few clicks when it is published.

Scribol’s dashboard only shows the publisher how many clicks the top five posts they have had published are doing. All the other active posts a publisher has published they have to guess on. There are no stats on them. Scribol does provide the publisher with a graph so that they can see how many clicks they sent Scribol and how many they sent them on any particular day.

Scribol’s “Add Post” picture retrieval service is severely flawed as it grabs the picture from a publisher’s post 60% of the time. The other 40% of the time it grabs a picture from somewhere else on the publisher’s site, making the picture associated with the post worthless.

Scribol’s post upload time is the quickest out of the four link exchanges in this review.


Wahoha was the second link exchange I tried and the one that offers the most salacious links. What sets Wahoha widgets apart from their competitors is that the widget creation screen shows the publisher all the categories Wahoha has to offer and allows the publisher the ability to deselect the categories they do not want to show in the widget, including the overt sexual stuff.

There is only a short delay (a few days) before your post is made live because, like Scribol, they check to see where you are linking and the content of your post. Posts submitted on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday will not be approved until the work week.

Through emails with Wahoha, I found out they prefer that publishers not use salacious images. They are trying to get away from that and some posts I uploaded with such images were rejected. I adjusted the posts with new, safer images and they were accepted. Case and point, a picture with Katy Perry showing a lot of cleavage might get rejected but one showing Katy Perry kissing Justin Bieber would be accepted.

Katy Perry kissing Justin Bieber

Katy Perry kissing Justin Bieber

Wahoha shows the publisher the percentage of how all of their posts are doing on one page and which published post is first (getting the most clicks), second, and so forth all the way to the last post uploaded. They also provide the publisher with a graph so that they can see how many clicks they sent Wahoha and how many they sent the publisher on any particular day.

Old posts and new posts are all welcome. Nothing gets rejected because it was published two or three years ago.

Wahola allows publishers the ability to choose any picture they want for the post from the Internet (using the image’s URL).

Wahola post upload process is the second quickest out of the four link exchanges in this review.

Crowd Ignite

Crowd Ignite approves posts en masse like Wahoha (during Monday through Friday) but they prefer more current posts than older posts. I had some older posts rejected.

They do not like salacious imagery for posts and will reject posts if they use them.

Crowd Ignite gives the publisher multiple graphs on their rate of return and other metrics but they do not tell them how their individual posts are doing or their ranking amongst each other like Wahoha and Scribol do.

Crowd Ignite allows publishers the ability to choose any picture they want for the post from the Internet (using the image’s URL).

Crowd Ignite post upload process is the third quickest out of the four link exchanges in this review.


2Leep allowed me the ability to upload one new post a day (I am not kidding). You also have to input more information per post than with any other link exchange I have used. This make your post upload time far longer. 2Leep’s post upload time is the longest out of the four link exchanges in this review.

2Leep gives the publisher graphs that show them the clicks they have received, been sent, their exchange ratio, and their earnings (2Leep allows for monetization, the only link exchange in this review to do so).

2Leep allows publishers the ability to choose any picture they want for the post from the Internet (using the image’s URL).

Final Thoughts

Scribol and Crowd Ignite are the best link exchanges for movie websites. They have the newest, most relevant posts for TV, movie, and celebrity websites. Wahoha is probably the best for traffic because of the eye-catching, funny nature of some of their posts. Sex sells and Wahoha is some salesman. 2Leep is fourth in the link exchange ranking.

Keep this in mind when you consider using a link exchange: SEO for your site first, good, easily spider-able site second, every other organic traffic acquisition methodology third, then link exchanges.

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  • I just signed up with Crowd Ignite and wasn't happy to find they swap out my images with stock images if mine are too small. This is a bad thing in the craft community because it misrepresents my articles.

    They agreed not to do it in future so I'm still signed with them at least for long enough to see what my return views will be. I would rather be notified that an image isn't good enough so I can swap it for another but they're going to reject the pages instead.

    • I usually use big images because of my experiences with the other link exchanges so I never ran into this problem with Crowd Ignite.

  • Your site has been a big help so far.

  • Can you post it on any site? Crowd Ignite I mean

  • Ben

    For starting out I find 2Leep to be helpful, as you don't even need to host their links on your site for them to send you traffic. Just submit a post, and if it's accepted, you'll get a fair bit of traffic from them.

  • Thanks for the rundown. Was considering Crowd Ignite but, if I go with a link exchange, probably will use Wahoha

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