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How to Make Money from a Online Casino

Online gambling is big business these days, with new online casinos, poker rooms and bingo rooms springing up all over the internet. Online gambling has never been bigger and this may be the time to take advantage of some of the ad offers floating around for online casino sites with a few discreet ads on your movie website.

Official Spiel: The Online Gambling Situation

The bigger the online gaming business gets, the more casinos flood the market, the harder the websites have to work to keep 21, Kate Bosworthcustomers playing at their site rather than a competitor’s. This is all good news for the customers, as casinos roll out the welcome bonuses, regular deposit bonuses, offers, competitions, free plays and loyalty points rewards.

Of course, gambling per se is probably not a good idea if you want to win big money long term. There is no such thing as a free lunch. But you can certainly play sensibly and win short term by taking advantage of the offers available. For starters, there are the welcome bonuses at online casino sites which keep getting bigger and bigger.

Deposit for the first time at an online casino site and you could be looking at receiving 250% or even more on top of your deposit. This bonus will have a cap on it so make sure your first deposit is a big one to get the full bonus amount added to your account. These bonuses will always have a minimum wager attached to them too, so you will have to place so many times your bonus in order to be able to withdraw it. For these reasons it is worth looking around for the lowest minimum required play so that you can get at your money instead of being forced to gamble it all away!

The online casino site you choose to try making money at will have this great welcome bonus on offer. It should also ideally have regular deposit bonuses in place so that whenever you top up your account you can also collect a wad of extra cash on top/ This is the same as the welcome bonus but will be smaller. It’s still worth considering if you plan on making regular deposits though as every free amount adds up.

Other ways to make money at an online casino site include of course playing the games themselves. This means choosing the right games. The best games to choose at an online casino site are European roulette – half the house edge of its American cousin with the double zero – and blackjack. Whatever version of roulette you play, it is pure guess work what number pocket the little ball runs into, so there is no skill or learning to worry about. With European or French wheel roulette, the house edge is about 2.7%.

Casino, Robert DeNiroIn contrast to the guesswork of roulette, blackjack does involve skill – and if you are serious about winning money at online casinos, this game should only be attempted once you know how to play properly. This means you need to learn the basic strategy of blackjack, which isn’t too hard and is commonsensical once you get the hang of it. There are strategy guides to help you all over the internet. The house edge on blackjack when played properly is less than 1%, so it is a great game to play if you want to win money at online casinos.

If you prefer the excitement of casino slot machines then make sure you play progressive slots which have reached a high jackpot. Some jackpots around right now have over £1 million waiting to be won, so pick your slot carefully and you could be in with a chance of scooping a monster.

The most important thing to consider when looking to make money from online casinos is so set yourself a sensible bankroll limit and stick to it. That way, you will keep the fun aspect of gaming at the forefront your mind and never lose too much – making you the winner if not always in the financial way, at least in the fun stakes!

How this benefits you

Whether you are a neophyte online gambler who needs some advice and pointers getting started or not, if you are also a  film website owners, you will write film posts that have something to do with casinos (21) or gambling (Casino) at some point on your site. Inevitably, you will receive an email offering to buy a link, ad, or something regarding online casinos or gambling on your website. If it fits in with your already published materials (ex. this X-Men Origins: Wolverine film review, the poker link) there is no real harm but be careful.

In my experience

Links ads of a text nature work best in this venue. They fit in and match their surroundings easily, are not an eye sore, and do not look out of place on a film website as a 125×125 ad would or a banner ad. Like I said in How to Make Money with a Movie Website, make an Advertise page with all of your types of ads and rates clearly labeled.

In Closing

Like any ad sale opportunity that comes your way, evaluate the opportunity carefully. Do the pros out weigh the cons? Usually there are no cons but with online gambling ads, walk lightly and nimble. Do not get greedy or like most ravenous gamblers who do not know when to quit, you’ll lose and the house will win.

A guest post co-written by David Wright

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