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How to Contact Film Public Relations (PR) Firms

Contacting Film Public Relations (PR) Firms is one of the agenda items on most film website’s lists after they are up and running. Would you like a DVD or Blu-ray for a Giveaway? Posters? Film info fresh off the presses? Film Public Relations (PR) Films are who you need to contact then. The list below are items are tips you should consider when contacting a Film Public Relations (PR) Firm

1.) Finding the Film Public Relations (PR) Firms

You are going to have to do many hours of internet digging to find the contact info for Film Public Relations (PR) Films. There is no way around it. I suggest using keywords in Google searches.


2.) The First Impression

When you finally to get the contact info for Film Public Relations (PR) Firms, do not blow your first impression on them. I rushed in with my former MistyLook theme and got no responses. I wondered why until I looked at my movie website in the proper screen resolution. It was a big eye opener. I finally understood. My site looked like s***. It was far too ordinary and basic looking. Your movie website is your business card to Film Public Relations (PR) Firms. Make sure its an upscale, classy, and professional business card. If you want them to take you seriously, you need a professional looking movie website. Either find a good free WordPress theme (You are going to be looking for a long time. Trust me. They are free for a reason.), have someone build one for you or pay for a custom one.

3.) Your Movie Website’s Statistics

Include your site statistics, e.g. your unique page views, in your initial contact email. The Film Public Relations (PR) Firms always ask for this information so give it to them before they ask. Anticipate their needs. It makes their job easier and lessens the amounts of emails between the two of you. I placed all of my statistics for my movie website on one convenient webpage. This enables me to simply post the link in my contact email to Film Public Relations (PR) Firms. It also makes me look more professional and confident in my numbers having that information public and readily available for anybody to see. If your statistics are in the range they are looking for they will be in further contact with you. If not, wait six months to a year  or until your website statistics reach their required level for inclusion on their mailing lists. Be sure to ask them in your correspondence the website statistic numbers you need per month in order for them to supply you with film materials. This way you know exactly where you website needs to be, page view wise, before that particular Film Public Relations (PR) Firm will give you the time of day.

4.) Film Public Relations (PR) Firms are inundated with Requests

You think you are the only one requesting film materials from a particular Film Public Relations (PR) Firm? Think again. Film Public Relations (PR) Firm get sent hundreds of requests per month. They do not have the time to look at everyone’s website hence the requests for your unique page views per month numbers. Your website statistics tell them if you are doing something right, that you have an audience, and how big that audience is. The numbers do not lie. The only way to stand out from the herd is to have A.)  good stats and B.) a better looking site than the majority. If you do not have these, do not bother contacting a Film Public Relations (PR) Firm because they will not bother with you. Their promotional materials are limited.

5.) Keep your Email Concise and to the Point

Introduce yourself, your website, and what the purpose of your email is in one paragraph. Get to the point quickly and clearly. And remember, thank them for their time. Theirs is probably more valuable than yours is.

6.) Include your Website’s Title in your Mailing Address

Placing the title of your website in your mailing address makes you look more professional and indicates that your website, is in fact, a business. Place the title for your website right under your name, before your address, like this:


Website Title

Mailing Address

7.) Network

Do not just ask the Film Public Relations (PR) Firm for free film materials. Instead, try to establish a relationship with them. Court them. Show them that you are worth being placed on their mailing list and for them to ship you film materials.

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