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FanTapper Review: In-image Advertising to Monetize & Share Pictures

FanTapper Review. FanTapper In-image Advertising allows the user to monetize, socialize, and share their website’s pictures, stills, posters, and one-sheets. Making money online with pictures has become increasing easy and FanTapper is one more step in that direction. There are other services that allow a webmaster to monetize the pictures they post in their articles (written about here: Pixazza: Image Space Ads, In-image Advertising to Monetize Website Photos) but FanTapper offers other features that some do not. This is both a good thing and a bad thing.

Gordon Gekko Wall Street

Gordon Gekko Wall Street

The Good

Three features of note about FanTapper: 1.) Fantapper allows the viewer to share your pictures on their social network (think Pinterest) with other FanTapper users. 2.) Fantapper allows the viewer to share your picture on other social networking channels e.g. Twitter, Facebook, etc. More on that: “Adding TapIt to your site lets your readers choose any or all images from your pages to share with their Fantapper Fans…[the images] preserve [their] source links to drive more traffic back to your webpages.” 3.) FanTapper allows the viewer to find and view audio and visual media related to that picture (if you have labeled the picture correctly). The Fantapper “app tray appears as an overlay on top of “enhanced” images, allowing your users to…access a variety of apps (…YouTube™, iTunes™, search, news, games and more) customized to your content.”

The Amazon and YouTube attributes are very interesting.

Vanity URLs are available with your account, example:

There is a nice tutorial that walks you through the back-end of FanTapper.

FanTapper is similar to Pinterest in many ways especially the Tabs (on Pinterest “Boards”) and the vertical/horizontal aspect of the tapped (on Pinterest “Pinned”) photos.

The Bad

Other photo monetization programs have text link or photo ads pop up moments after the photo is viewed. These ads are relevant to the photo, the people in them, add/or the subject matter in the article the photo is contained in. FanTapper does not have these types of ads.

Once you sign up, you have to look for the implementation information. By clicking “Publishers” at the top of the site, a webmaster will find the options they are looking for. “Enchancement” is probably the one you want (just add the HTML code into your site).

There is no way to customize and deselect certain apps in “Enhancement”.

FanTapper needs to add features that allow: 1.) a webmaster to input their own Amazon affiliate code so they earn revenue from the Amazon app 2.) to input their own YouTube Channel (or Channels, even more beneficial) URL so that videos from it related to the person in the picture are shown.

You can see FanTapper at work here:

Signing Up

Webmasters can sign up for a FanTapper account through the “Create an Account” button on the FanTapper website.


FanTapper is good but some other In-image Advertising services offer CPC advertising (one click on the ad and you get paid) plus if you are going to share pictures from your article ssomewhere with the goal of increasing your website traffic, Pinterest (written about here: Pinterest: A Image, Video, Website, and Brand sharing Social Network) is currently at the top of that food chain.

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