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Embeddable Video Players: Website Branding, Digital Logo Watermarks, Ad Options

Embeddable Video Players in website posts for video playback by website visitors is an option we’ve all seen and one which movie webmasters utilize daily. Website branding, digital logo watermarks, and ad options are not. Though posting videos is a common practice for movie websites, very few bother to brand their embedded video players, fewer still monetize them with ad options or know that they can. Below you will see embeddable video players that offer these options and more and ones that successfully carry out their basic purpose: showing your audience movie trailers, movie clips, featurettes, etc.

Jennifer Stone, Maiara Walsh, Meaghan Martin, Mean Girls 2

Jennifer Stone, Maiara Walsh, Meaghan Martin, Mean Girls 2

Embeddable Video Players you can fully Brand with Ad Options

IndieClickTV offers a embeddable video player you can fully brand with website watermark, title, color, etc. but this player is not free to use. Bloody-Disgusting and Twitch both use IndieClickTV’s embeddable player. These are high traffic movie websites so the marketability of the player, tracking, and branding options out way the cost for them. Players like this help to keep your video content semi-exclusive. IndieClickTV also lets you place your website’s logo in the player as well so if someone embeds it on their website, you get a free ad on their website. The Flow Player is also an option along these lines and has a WordPress plugin available as is Rave.

Embeddable Video Players you can partially Brand with Ad options

YouTube allows you to partially brand their video player but no water marking though. The player does show your Channel name when it is not playing or when it has finished playing so chose your Channel name wisely. It can be a marketing tool if chosen correctly. For our movie website’s channel, we chose FilmBookdotComTV. When you become a member of YouTube Partnership Program, more options open up such as some ability to brand the YouTube page the player plays and ads. Regardless of the Partnership program, if the video you upload is popular, YouTube will email you and ask if you would like that video included in their revenue sharing program (Google AdSense). As a partner, you will also be able to place Google AdSense Ads on your Channel page. One of the best parts of the YouTube is that you can title and retitle your uploaded YouTube video whatever you want however times you want. You can even place your URL in the title.

Firstshowing uses the JW FLV Player – I believe – which is free (and has a WordPress plugin version) and JoBlo uses some type of in-house player. I haven’t looked at the source code on the pages that displayed their players so don’t quote me. Whatever they are using, the players give them the ability to watermark their presentations with their logos.

Embeddable Video Player with Ad options

Moyea Web Player Pro

Embeddable Video Players you can Brand Partially

Vimeo, DailyMotion, all let you upload videos and brand the video with your user name. Vimeo comes with a few more branding options including anchor text underneath the player.

No Fuss or Bother Embeddable Video Players

If you could care less about branding, ads, and simply want to show your readers movie trailers and etc. quickly, Yahoo, TrailerAddict, MySpace, Moviefone, MTV, Hulu, TrailerSpy are available choices. The companies behind this simplistic video embed options do care about branding however and brand their players with watermarks and various company propaganda.

Other Available Embeddable Video Players

Embedr (WordPress plugin)

MC Media Player

Any FLV Player

In Conclusion

As was mentioned in 7 Movie Trailer Resources (which touches on where to obtain video files to upload), there are a myriad of different movie trailer embed options for a film website to utilize. You just have to decide what you want out of the embeddable players you chose to use on your movie website.

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