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Many people have or will comment on a website or weblog at some point in their life. When they do, they will most likely be met with this: Name, Email, URL, regardless if they are using a commenting system like Intense Debate or Disqus. We have all seen Name, Email and URL when commenting on someone’s website before.

Most have never considered using them to advertise themselves.

This is unfortunate because it is an opportunity for free advertising. I read on a few prominent blogging websites about this, employ it myself, and have seen it work. Now I will let you in on this little trick of the trade (its not really a trick).

If you own a movie website or blog, the next time you are on a analogous website and feel the need to comment, instead of your name, type in the name of your website, your email address (I would use the one for that website as well), the URL for your website (naturally). Now you have advertised your website on another website pro bono publico. Someone has gained knowledge of you and your website’s existence and it cost you nothing.

Name: The Name of Your Website

Email: Your Name @ The Name of Your Website

URL: http://The Name of Your Website

For even greater effect, do this on a leader in your website’s field, someone heavily trafficked. Try to be the first one to comment. That means more eyes on your comment and on your website’s name. If you are a regular commenter on a website and want to retain your identity, try this one:

Name: Your Name | The Name of Your Website

Email: Your Name @ The Name of Your Website

URL: http://The Name of Your Website

Whether the website your commenting on uses noFollow or not, your name is still hyperlinked to your website. You will still be rewarded for commenting.

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