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Advertising Your Movie Review

Now that you have written your movie review, you need to advertise the fact to the world. What is the point of learning how to write a movie review if no one knows about your movie reviews, reads the finished product or comments on it. The following are some ways to advertise your movie review so they are noticed by the masses and read.

Movie Review Directory Advantage

By posting your movie review early and getting them listed on highly ranked movie review directories like Rotten Tomatoes, Metacritic, Movie Review Query Engine, Movie Review Intelligence, etc. you are more likely to get traffic to your movie review. If your RSS Feed is accepted into a service like MovieBlips, your movie reviews and content will be picked up, be displayed on their website, and be made searchable on it.

Sidebar Advertising

Consider creating a sidebar section on your movie website for Recently Reviewed Movies. This gives you the opportunity to advertise your movie reviews in text link form (or simply linking to them quickly). Everytime one of those links is clicked, that is an endorsement for that anchor text and your ranking in SERPs may go up. In addition, you get a page view for that click and if you get enough, the page rank for that review will creep up. This Afterschool Film Review (6th one down in the pic highlighted in purple) has no comments but enough people have viewed it so that it already has a Page Rank of 3.


WordPress Related Post, LinkedWithIn (and its YAARP template) are Plugins that use the tags in your movie reviews (or any post) to find other posts with the same tags and display them underneath your post, in this case, underneath your movie review post. If Movie Review, Film Review or both are some of the tags you use for your movie reviews, other movie reviews with those tags will be displayed. I would suggest you also use the genre of the movie in question, the stars of the film and the director. Those tags will be helpful in you do a Film Awards post of some kind plus those people will work in other films are well. With those tags in place the posts will correlate with one another.


By using various ping services, search engines are instantly alerted that your website has been updated with new movie reviews. These two posts will help you with pinging effectively: The Importance of the Ping and XML-RPC-based Push Mechanisms and WordPress Ping List: April 2010.

A Newsletter

Start a e-Newsletter that your movie audience can subscribe to and get delivered by email to their inbox with hyperlinks within it to movie reviews on your website. Aweber can help you with this along with free newsletter templates.

Go Social

Twitter and Facebook your movie review links. Post them on your updates on MySpace. Digg your movie reviews. Stumble them. Get the word out! Initiate the message going viral. Allow others to do so with social networking buttons at the top or bottom or even on the side of your movie reviews. The Digg Digg WordPress Plugin should be of some assistance in these regards.


Drop links to your movie reviews on other related websites and forums. Some will click the link to come to your website to read your take on the movie in question. Do not do it frequently or you may get blacklisted, banned, and/or have your comments deleted. Because of the frequency of this advertising method, certain movie websites have grown extremely watchful and restrictive, i.e. The Movie Blog, about not letting you drop links or use Comment “Name” Website Advertising. Drop sparingly and if given the opportunity, reciprocate.

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