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9 Ways to Advertise Giveaways, Contests, Sweepstakes for High Entries

How to get high entries for a contest is something every publisher desires to know. There are many ways to advertise Giveaways, Contests, and Sweepstakes with this goal in mind but there are seven ways that you may be unaware of. These methods include the use of forums, Twitter, social networking tools, and video sharing platforms. I previously spoke about advertising contests here: How and When to Promote Contests, Giveaways, and Sweepstakes on Twitter to Maximize their Pageviews

Seven of Nine Star Trek Voyager
Seven of Nine Star Trek Voyager

The 9 Ways

Online Sweepstakes

Post your giveaway in the forum at Online Sweepstakes.

Contest Blogger

Post your giveaway in the forum at Contest Blogger and on their Facebook page.


Get your giveaway listed on the website SweepAdvantage. Tweeting them your contest usually gets your contest listed there. Check their site to make sure though. You might have to do it manually.


If retweeting (RT) is the method you are using for contest entry, use TweetsWin to augment your efforts. TweetsWin will tweet out your contest to its followers once you sign up for TweetsWin at their website. Their tweets for you will look like this: Follow (your twitter address) and RT this for a chance to win (the prize you are offering).

Use Hootsuite

Use Hootsuite to pre-write, date, and time tweets about your contest for your Twitter account.


Individually tweet contest, giveaway, and sweepstakes tweeters with a large number of followers, one at a time. If you tweet them en masse, it will look to them like spam and they will be less likely to RT your contest.


Create a YouTube Channel for your website, make, and upload a YouTube video about your contest to it. Also, post an update about your contest on your YouTube channel. The update will show in your YouTube Channel Feed and I believe its sent to the inbox of your subscribers as well.


“Pin” your contest on Pinterest via a picture housed on the contest’s post page. Make a “board” on Pinterest labeled Contest or something that lets your board followers know that free prizes are advertised and can be gained in that board.


Though you might have your site’s Facebook Fan Page set up to automatically post the articles published on your site (if you do not you should), its a good idea to manually repost it (later on) so people that might have missed the first posting know that the contest is going on. You can also pin the already posted contest to the top of your Facebook page. Click the edit button at the top right of the post and click “Pin on Top”. The post will be pinned to the top of the page for seven days.


As you can see, there are many convential and unconvential ways to advertise giveaways, contests, and sweepstakes on the Internet to gain high entries for it.

How many of these advertising methods do you already employ?

Source: Allfacebook

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