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7 Reasons Why RedBox is a Good Movie Renting Alternative

Redbox is growing in prominence as an alternative to traditional DVD/Blu-ray renting avenues. As a movie website owner, you are probably looking for the lowest price for a renting a movie to write up a DVD or Blu-ray review to post on your website. If you are a cinephile, feeding your movie thirst while pinching pennies has probably become a frugal art form. Both aficionado groups as well as the casual consumer are probably aware of how advantageous renting from Redbox can be but few are aware of all the reasons why it is advantageous. Below you will find seven of them.

Redbox is an American company that specializes in the vending of rental of DVDs via self-service/interactive kiosks.

1.) Low Cost

One DVD rental costs a dollar plus state tax for one night. For the nefarious and low-brow, the data stored on the DVD could easily be transferred from them onto the hard drive in that time frame.

2.) 24/7 Service

Instant gratification. The Kiosks are operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You could rent a movie from one of them at three AM, return it a 5 AM and rent another before traditional brick-and-mortar rental establishments were open.

3.) Location, Location, Location

RedBox Kiosks can be found all over the place: Supermarkets, Convenience stores, and notable foot traffic areas.

4.) Competition

RedBox forces other movie renting outlets to be more competitive with their pricing and rentals arrangements. It drives them to make better offers to potential clients in order to attract their dollars and cents.

5.) No Wait

Unlike NetFlix, an extremely popular movie rental mailing service, with RedBox you simply find your nearest RedBox Kiosk, rent or return a film, and select another by typing the desired film into the search menu.

6.) No lines

Redbox is a kiosk-only business. There is no store to enter to rent their available films hence very few – if any – lines.

7.) No sales people to talk to

You deal only with a automated machine. You do not even have to speak to HAL 9000 when renting.

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