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6 Website Ad Networks: Display Advertising & Web Traffic Monetization

Making money online for your website through advertising networks makes web traffic monetization less strenuous. Many rely on the Google AdSense ad network but there as numerous other ad networks out there, networks more finely tuned to your demographics, site content, and monetary goals. I have written previously about the basics of making money online, in-text advertisements, picture advertisements, video advertisements, and I have spoken about other ad networks beyond Google.

Now it is time to bring to your attention new ad networks that I have discovered (many from other film websites) that you can use on your own website. Note: read over their requirements before applying. It will save you time and effort.

First, what is an Advertising Network?

An online advertising network or ad network is a company that connects advertisers to web sites that want to host advertisements. The key function of an ad network is aggregation of ad space supply from publishers and matching it with advertiser demand. The phrase “ad network” by itself is media-neutral in the sense that there can be a “Television Ad Network” or a “Print Ad Network”, but is increasingly used to mean “online ad network” as the effect of aggregation of publisher ad space and sale to advertisers is most commonly seen in the online space. The fundamental difference between traditional media ad networks and online ad networks is that online ad networks use a central ad server to deliver advertisements to consumers, which enables targeting, tracking and reporting of impressions in ways not possible with analog media alternatives.

With the explanation of what we are looking at out of the way, lets begin.

Halle Berry Movie 43

Halle Berry Movie 43

The Ad Networks in Question


The official line:

Our monetization solutions meet a wide range of publisher needs. For instance, our proprietary NewsBullets® ad unit attracts best-in-class brands who appreciate the ROI it delivers. Our self-service solution enables advertisers to upload ads in minutes – saving you countless Ad Ops resources. And our ReTargeting Technology Solution lets you meet the huge advertiser demand for retargeting campaigns.

They are selective, looking for high trafficked websites:

Due to the large number of publisher sign ups we have each day, we can only evaluate those publishers that generate over 500,000 page views a month.

I have seen their AdBlade ads beneath the main body of articles on Collider.

Sign up to become a Publisher here.

Giant Media

The official line:

Giant Media works with brands and their agencies to distribute brand videos, harnessing our social video platform, VideoStat, to seed branded content through our publisher network. Our paid video seeding efforts are supplemented by the industry’s leading earned editorial outreach team. We collect and analyze viewer behavior along the way, which helps us to target audiences and maximize earned media on every campaign.

We believe clients should expect to get more than what they pay for – this is accomplished by scaling earned media relative to paid media spend. This constant focus on scaling earned media underlines every campaign engagement we undertake and technology we introduce.

Sign up to become a Publisher here.

Complex Media

The official line:

Complex Media is the premier multi-media platform for the most influential young male consumers. This discerning audience is driven by style, music, sneakers, sports, games, gear and girls. Complex Media initially reaches these ahead-of-trend influencers through its uniquely credible, authentic viewpoint and is further amplified by its unparalleled social influence.

Complex Media sites are carefully selected and curated to maintain the perfect balance of innovative content and editorial integrity, allowing us to initiate highly engaging and deeply sustained conversations with our target – the product and style oriented, influential male.

The types of ads Complex Media provides can be found here.

Complex Media ads appear on film websites: Geektyrant, JoBlo (interview here), We Got This Covered (interview here), The Film Stage, and Collider under the banner of ‘Complex Movies.’

From the film sites listed above, my guess is that you need millions of hits per week to be granted admittance into this ad network.

You can contact Complex Media about becoming one of their publishers here.


The official line:

We help publishers sell ads directly to advertisers…You gain immediate access to thousands of advertisers already buying through our ad marketplace.

The BuySellAds software supports 6 mediums: web, mobile web, RSS, Tweets, apps (desktop, iOS, Android), and email. Among those mediums, we support a variety of traditional and custom ad types, providing publishers with the necessary tools to monetize their properties to the fullest potential.

BuySellAds supports Small, Medium, and Large Publishers in the marketplace within their website.

BuySellAds ads appear on the film website Filmonic.

Sign up to become a Publisher here.


The official line:

Furthermore, our editorial and video content is syndicated by top publishers across the web so that we can assure that your brand reaches our audience and beyond… [this ad network is] a ring of blogs run by ABC legal analyst Dan Abram.

You can contact Abrams-Media about becoming one of their publishers here.

Federated Media

I couldn’t find concrete publisher information about what Federated Media is looking for but Film School Rejects is among the sites that uses their service.

Film School Rejects is a movie websites on Federated Media’s network that advertisers can purchase ads on.

Sign up to become a Publisher here.

In Closing

There are many ad networks out there that assist entrepreneurs and/or webmasters in monetizing their website far in excess of the ones listed in this article, the ones written about previously on this website, or the ones listed on our Make Money Online Page.

Hopefully you will be able to find one or more that is useful.

Source: Wikipedia

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