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5 Strategies for Writing and Publishing Website Posts Consistently

There are numerous strategies for writing and publishing website posts consistently. I hear many of would-be bloggers and webmasters complain that they do not have enough time to dedicate to writing posts on their website to make it viable and relevant i.e. posting to it every single day without fail. Posting every day makes your website or blog a living, breathing online organism. Remember what I said about Starting a Movie Website: Write Consistently? Without that daily nutrient, your website looks like a place where a site visitor does not need to visit everyday. Since it is not updated everyday, they believe there is no point in visiting it everyday. Why would they want to view old, stagnant news and articles when they can go to another site for fresh material? The answer is they wouldn’t.

Here is the question you need to ask yourself: Why would I want to give my site visitors that impression? Below are five strategies to help you avoid this impression and post new content consistently.

Strategy Number One

What are you doing on Sunday? Sleeping?

Minka Kelly, Leighton Meester, The Roommate

Minka Kelly, Leighton Meester, The Roommate

Taking the day off? Taking a day off is the modus operandi for the second place, second tier movie website. The movie industry doesn’t stop because you are tired or need sleep. It most certainly doesn’t stop on National Sleep Deprivation, Recharge Day. You can write posts for the week on Sunday and set them to post periodically later in the week. Here is how I would handle Sundays and something that I actually have done in the past. It doesn’t have to be a lazy Sunday for you and your site.

Spend Sunday morning writing your posts, the afternoon editing them, and set them to post (for WordPress, click the ‘Edit’ button for ‘Publish Immediately’ on the ‘Edit Post’ screen. For Blogger, click ‘Post Options’ on the ‘New Post’ screen, then under ‘Post date and time’, choose ‘Scheduled at’.) throughout the week that night. For a seven day week write seven posts. If you are not passionate about your subject matter this will be difficult. If you are passionate, this will be laborious (listen to a movie or music in the background as you type to take the edge off) but it will be fun as well because you will be expressing yourself to your audience.

Strategy Number Two

Write a series that appears on the same day every week and if you can manage it, at the same time each week. This makes it easy for you. Very little thought. Write the new entry for the series in advance, possibly on Sunday, and set it to post on the day of the week you want. Soon it will become a routine for you.

Strategy Number Three

Another strategy to try if you are having trouble posting everyday is when you do sit down to write a post, set that first post to publish the following day. This is something I do as well. Its a good habit to get into. You will always have something posting on your site the next day and this procedure will force you to write a minimum of two posts per day (one post for today and one post for tomorrow).

There are certain posts that this will not work for e.g. a movie trailer for a major mainstream film, TV show reviews, casting news, movie photos, especially if it is a piece of news that is hot and just breaking. If you save it to post the next day, your margins on it will be very low. The type of posts that this does work for are movie reviews, independent film trailers, independent movie photos, contests, editorials, polls or a series you are writing.

Strategy Number Four

Find and hire a contributor to write stories  and publish posts on your site when it is not an opportune time for you to write and post new content (perhaps you work a full time job 9am – 5pm). CraigsList and LinkedIn are two resources for finding contributors and writers. SlashFilm, I believe, has shifts for their writers and areas they each specifically covers so there is no overlap (very smart and business-like) in their coverage. This is something you can employ as well.

Strategy Number Five

Integrate all of the above with The 5-11-4 Rule for Posting Content on a Website.

In Conclusion

With a little forethought, planning, and possibly outsourcing, writing and posting consistently per week can be made easier, even if you have other, more demanding obligations.

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