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3 Resources for obtaining DVD/Blu-ray Cover Art and Specifications

If you are writing a DVD/Blu-ray article for your film website, whether its a giveaway, an article about an upcoming release or starting a DVD/Blu-ray review website, there are two things that will help sell your articles: cover art and the specifications of the disc in question. Now you are faced with the problem: Where do I get the cover art and accurate disc specifications? Below you will find three DVD/Blu-ray resources that solve both of those questions.

The Resources


These guys are probably on every home entertainment film studio mailing list possible becuase they always get the cover art for the US and other region releases of a film far in advance of the film’s actual release. It is DVDActive’s niche after all. They have extremely large versions of cover/back art unavailable anywhere else.


Their specs are basic, the cover art has to be edited (it usually has a white border around it, especially to the left and right) but the real gold of Amazon comes from the comments on their DVD/Blu-ray sales pages. The comments let you know if extras have been carried over from previous versions of a disc and what has not. Such information is very valuable when writing a DVD/Blu-ray review.

PR Firms

Get on the mailing list of a Film PR Firm advertising the home release of a film for a movie studio on VOD, DVD , or Blu-ray.  Once you do, you will receive details and pictures for particular home release consumption ad nauseam delivered right to your email box.

In Closing, a Tip

If you are trying to monetize your article on a DVD,  Blu-ray, VOD or some other home release format and you are using cover art, link the photo you are using in the post to a sales page for that film (you are affiliated with). Two sites that offer such affiliate programs are HKFlix and Amazon. More file website affiliate programs can be found here.

We will be posting more Resources for obtaining DVD/Blu-ray Cover Art and Specifications and also articles on How to Write a DVD/Blu-ray Review very soon.  To be promptly notified when these articles are posted, subscribe to us.

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