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Profitable Tips on How to Increase Website Revenue: 2011 Income Report

Increasing a website’s revenue and profitability is not an easy or quick process but it is possible. Finding tips on how to do it is the conundrum. Through looking at the income for our movie website for 2011, I noticed a few insightful things, items I believe you will find beneficial. The following income report will illuminate procedures performed that increased our profits (from the previous fiscal year) and tips that will hopefully be helpful in your make money online endeavors.

Why write this article?

We made three times more revenue last fiscal year than we did the year before it.

Cher Susan Sarandon Michelle Pfeiffer The Witches of Eastwick

Cher Susan Sarandon Michelle Pfeiffer The Witches of Eastwick

2011 Income Sources

These were the sources that earned us revenue in 2011, the top source being the highest paying one.

1. Personally conducted advertisement deals.

2. Google AdSense

3. Blogads


5. Vibrant

6. Viglink

7. Amazon

8. Luminate (Pixazza)

Diversified Advertisers

From “2011 Income Sources”, you can see that we had diversified the types of advertisements we offered and employed on our movie website. We offered traditional advertising (e.g. Google AdSense) but also in-text advertising (Vibrant), image advertising (Luminate), custom made affilate ads (Amazon), and utilized multiple ad networks (Blogads, MTVN). We did not have all of our eggs in the Google AdSense basket like many unfortunately tend to do. Multiple revenue streams are a good thing and should be employed vigorously.

Ad Space / Website Facelift

We had a new theme created for the site in July 2011 that housed far more ad space. The redesign was long over do along with the fact that we wanted to become apart of certain ad networks. In this particular case, paying for a custom theme to be constructed meant more revenue for the site down the road. When the new site came online, we became a member of the MTVN ad network (we put in our paper work soon after the new theme came online and were accepted). I previously wrote about MTVN here: MTVN Tribes: Earn Revenue, Exposer with MTV’s Advertising Network. With the new ad space, we could comply with their ad network requirements while at the same time adding another revenue stream to the site.

The new theme allowed for 728×90, 160×600, and 300×250 ads at the top of the website, above the fold. In addition, the new site went from one sidebar to two sidebars, allowing for more ads and more ads above the fold, right next to the main body of the content.

The custom site also made us look more professional to potential advertisers (it wasn’t a free theme they had seen a million times before). Remember when I spoke about “attractiveness” in this post: Getting Movie Studios to Pay to Advertise on your Website.

Milla Jovovich

Milla Jovovich

These were additional factors that caused our revenue to triple from 2010 to 2011.

Increased Site Traffic

Our site traffic increased from 2010-2011, which led to more ad clicks, advertiser attention, and more revenue opportunities e.g. the business deal spoken of here: Saving A Business Deal: The New York Salvage Campaign. How we increased our website traffic and our Page Rank is detailed here: How to Increase Your Google PageRank to 5: Part 1 and here: How to Increase Your Google PageRank to 5: Part 2.

Advertise Page

We had a clearly labeled and easily accessible Advertise page (previously spoken about here: How to Make Money with a Movie Website). Our Advertise page promoted the fact that we sold ads, that ad space was available, the prices for those ads, and there was contact information for advertising inquires. As you saw in “2011 Income Sources”, our number one revenue stream was personally conducted advertisement deals. The Advertise page was instrumental in that.

In Conclusion

Our income increase was no magic act and it does not have to be for you either. It only requires forethought, planning, and diversification.

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